HunterOne wonders what is contained in Hunter Biden’s laptop that elevates it to an existential threat to the democrats and a national security threat to the United States.

Or is it something more prosaic, containing links to various individuals and organizations grifting off the taxpayer’s funds using third parties to launder funds? How else can you explain the involvement of the 50 former intelligence community officials, various tech moguls, and the apparent lack of prosecutorial zeal by intelligence and law enforcement agencies?

Now we seem to find a formal dark money group set to intimidate anyone associated with the laptop.


How can you explain the grossly deceptive name of the Congressional Integrity Project, which has been identified as a progressive communist democrat dark money operation to “provide the Biden White House and congressional Democrats with poll data, political ads, and opposition research on Republicans leading investigations into the Biden family?” Is this not “obstruction of justice” using political threats, intimidation, coercion, and blackmail?

Meet the Dark Money Group Helping Democrats Undermine Republican Investigations
The Congressional Integrity Project is gathering opposition research on Republicans probing the Biden family

Democrats are relying on a dark money group to stymie Republican investigations into President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The Congressional Integrity Project will provide the Biden White House and congressional Democrats with poll data, political ads, and opposition research on Republicans leading investigations into the Biden family, CNN reported. House Republicans have made clear their intention to investigate the Biden family’s business dealings, the president’s handling of classified documents, the border crisis, and federal mismanagement of the coronavirus relief program.

The Congressional Integrity Project, which launched in 2020, does not disclose the identity of its ultimate donors, though tax filings show it receives virtually all of its money from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a left-wing group dubbed the "indisputable heavyweight of Democratic dark money.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund has given $1.5 million to the Congressional Integrity Project since 2020, according to tax forms detailed by the Washington Examiner last year. The Congressional Integrity Project has reported that same amount in revenues, according to tax filings reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Sixteen Thirty Fund also does not disclose its donors, though some of its backers have gone public with their support for the group. The billionaire Democratic donor George Soros has disclosed contributions of $24,930,000 to the Sixteen Thirty Fund in 2021 alone, according to its grants database.

While the Congressional Integrity Project is opaque about its funding sources, it is transparent about its goal of undermining Republican investigations. <Source>

Are they protecting Joe Biden or the Obama-Soros grift operation in a corrupt Ukraine?

US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election

While the 2016 presidential race was raging in America, Ukrainian prosecutors ran into some unexpectedly strong headwinds as they pursued an investigation into the activities of a nonprofit in their homeland known as the Anti-Corruption Action Centre.

The prosecutors soon would learn the resistance they faced was blowing directly from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, where the Obama administration took the rare step of trying to press the Ukrainian government to back off its investigation of both the U.S. aid and the group.

It turns out the group that Ukrainian law enforcement was probing was co-funded by the Obama administration and liberal mega-donor George Soros. And it was collaborating with the FBI agents investigating then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s business activities with pro-Russian figures in Ukraine.

The implied message to Ukraine’s prosecutors was clear: Don’t target AntAC in the middle of an America presidential election in which Soros was backing Hillary Clinton to succeed another Soros favorite, Barack Obama, Ukrainian officials said.

After the Obama Justice Department launched its Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative a decade ago to prosecute corruption in other countries, the State Department, Justice Department and FBI outsourced some of its work in Ukraine to groups funded by Soros.

The Hungarian-American businessman is one of the largest donors to American liberal causes, a champion of the U.S. kleptocracy crackdown and a man with extensive business interests in Ukraine.

One key U.S. partner was AntAC, which received 59 percent (or $1 million) of its nearly $1.7 million budget since 2012 from U.S. budgets tied to State and Justice, and nearly $290,000 from Soros’s International Renaissance Foundation, according to the group’s donor disclosure records

The U.S.-Soros collaboration was visible in Kiev. Several senior Department of Justice (DOJ) officials and FBI agents appeared in pictures as participants or attendees at Soros-sponsored events and conferences. <Source>

It now makes sense why everybody involved in targeting candidate Trump and then President Trump appears to have ties to Ukraine.      

If Hillary Clinton won the election, all would be well, and the grifters could continue to launder money through a thoroughly corrupt Ukraine. However, Trump may have upset the apple cart – especially after he discovered who it was that was targeting his candidacy and targeting his presidency.

Now that Joe Biden is President, the grift continues with billions pouring into a war that was undoubtedly provoked by the Americans, from the time the CIA/State Department assisted in staging 2014 Ukraine’s “color revolution” masterminded by Victoria Nuland, undersecretary of state for political affairs. <Source> to deliberately threaten to make Ukraine a NATO country with weapons poised on Russia’s doorstep. A situation akin to Russia placing weapons in Cuba and almost triggering World War III.

And then what?

It appears that the progressive communist democrat machine is gearing up to attack Special Counsel John Durham, who might be diligently investigating and documenting these troubling matters. Not that we will see the major players go to jail, but at least there will be the exposure that might preclude their continued government service and cushy well-paid cushy jobs on corporate boards beholden to the government grifters.

Unfortunately, as long as politicized non-profit foundations exist, we can see the continuing fundraising and organizing against America, American citizens, and American values.

To think Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is pure of heart in a land of corruption is to believe in the tooth fairy. One oligarch at the center of the mess, Ukrainian billionaire Igor Kolomoisky, is a friend of Zelensky and was an owner of the media company that employed Zelensky as a television comedian. The Obama/Biden regime appears to be lining up against Kolomoisky lest he talks. Kolomoisky was a significant shareholder in Burisma, the company that employed Hunter Biden, PrivatBank, where much of the alleged money laundering took place, and as a sponsor of Zelensky. Now he is an enemy of both U.S., Britain, and Ukraine – all of whom might be trying to arrange a meeting between Kolomoisky and Jeffrey Epstein-- if you know what I mean.

George Soros acknowledged in an interview with CNN that he actively contributed to the overthrow of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. “I created a foundation in Ukraine before it became independent from Russia. The foundation has functioned since then and has played an important role in current events,” explains the financier who established the International Renaissance Foundation, in Ukraine, as part of the Open Society Foundations, in April 1990.

The infamous foundation originally placed in Ukraine by the New World Order with the aim to assist the transition to democracy, to a market economy became a sort of parallel government immediately starting a series of projects in different areas without ever truly helping the country and ultimately giving the role of President of Ukraine, serving since May 2019, to a comedian/clown called Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who made his apparent fortune with a Ukrainian political satire comedy television series but was secretly financed by a friend of  Soros, the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.   <Source>

Bottom line…

Even if a vindictive Donald Trump should win the 2024 Presidential election against massive Democrat corruption and knowing who the players are, it is unlikely that he can muster a strike team to remove Obama/Clinton operatives from the deep state bureaucracy or massively reform the politicized institutions of government from the top to the middle of the pack where the resistance to American values has taken root.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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