The only non-editorial cartoonist I follow is Scott Adams, whose Dilbert cartoon documents and mocks corporate life.

I have always regarded Adams to be a socially liberal commentator with an abundance of common sense. By no means a conservative nor a racist. More of an easy-going, don’t screw with me, and I will go about my life as I see fit, type of guy. However, if pushed beyond his self-imposed limits, he can react violently. He is a multi-millionaire and set for life -- beyond caring what others may think—the perfect attitude for a cartoonist and social commentator. 

So I was greatly surprised to find Adams labeled a racist and canceled from several prominent media outlets.

‘Dilbert’ Comic Strip Dropped by Newspapers Over Scott Adams’ Racist Comments

Scott Adams’ long-running “Dilbert” comic strip has been pulled by multiple newspapers after the cartoonist called Black Americans a “hate group” and urged white people to “get the fuck away” from Black people in a YouTube video.

Gannett Co. — the largest newspaper publisher in the U.S. — said the USA Today Network will cease publishing “Dilbert” immediately. The USA Today Network includes USA Today and local media outlets in 43 states. “Recent discriminatory comments by the creator, Scott Adams, have influenced our decision to discontinue publishing his comic,” Gannett said in a statement. “While we respect and encourage free speech, his views do not align with our editorial or business values as an organization.”

On Friday, Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer announced that “Dilbert” will no longer be published in the newspaper because of Adams’ “racist rant.” Chris Quinn, VP of content for the Plain Dealer/, wrote that other papers owned by parent company Advance Local, also independently made the same decision to stop running the strip. That includes Advance Local newspapers in Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Alabama, Massachusetts, and Oregon.

“This is not a difficult decision,” Quinn wrote. “We are not a home for those who espouse racism. We certainly do not want to provide them with financial support.” He added, “Until we decide what to replace ‘Dilbert’ with, you’ll likely see a gray box where it has been appearing.” <Source>

What did he basically say?

A recent Rasmussen poll asked whether people agreed or disagreed with the statement, “It’s okay to be white.” The poll included white and black voters, with 26% of black respondents saying it is not okay to be white, while 21% were unsure. Together, these two groups accounted for 47% of the black respondents who were unwilling to say that it was okay to be white.

This poll surprised Adams, who had been identifying as black for years to help the black community.

However, since nearly half of the black respondents did not believe it was okay to be white, Adams no longer wanted to be associated with what he saw as a hate group.

The debate centers around whether or not Adams suggested that all white people should avoid black people altogether, as there seems to be no fixing the current situation. He also suggested that focusing on education is the key to success and that if people in the black community prioritize education, they will do well. 

In his own words…

Episode 2027 Scott Adams: AI Goes Woke, I Accidentally Joined A Hate Group, Trump, Policing Schools

If the video is canceled from YouTube, it can be found on the free speech platform Rumble. The segment starts at 13:21. 

For those wanting to see his follow-up comments, check out: Episode 2029, Scott Adams: I’m Trending On Twitter. Was It Something I Said?   It starts at: 17:16 and is well worth watching. You can hear the liberalism pouring forth. 

So, who is responsible for driving racial hatred in America?

Blacks profiting from racism.

image from

image from onecitizenspeaking.typepad.comDemocrats profiting from racism.

Not only do Democrats gain a significant voting bloc to perpetuate their political power, but they also siphon a significant portion of funds devoted to projects to assist blacks in their victimhood. Perpetrating the big lie that blacks are oppressed victims, incapable of managing their own affairs, and most things are racist.

That the employment, achievements, and awards of a minority group shall be in proportion to their representation in the general population; and if not, it is de facto racism.

Marxists, socialists, and communists profiting from racism.

Unlike most of the world, America is a relatively classless society with fewer restrictions on upward mobility. Thus, the old arguments about class warfare fall mainly on deaf ears. However, substitute race for class, and the Marxists, socialists, and communists are back in the game with an exploitable cohort of real or imagined victims to be manipulated.

Bottom line...

Scott Adams may be a liberal, but he is not an idiot, and knows exactly what he is saying and how his words impact others. This could be one of his sociological experiments, a point of departure for an even bigger conversation about race. 

Whether he should be canceled for his opinions highlights so much about today’s society, groupthink, and progressive communist democrats. Of course, the answer is no -- argue with him, challenge him, but do not cancel him.

Remember the words of that philosophical sage, and economist, Thomas Sowell...  Sowell

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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