Yes, Trump can win the GOP nomination again with a plurality.

Each additional non-Trump candidate subtracts their participation votes from Trump’s main challenger, Ron DeSantis, leaving Trump with the most votes.
This is the preferred scenario of the progressive communist democrats who believe their chosen candidate, even if it's a cogitatively impaired and disliked Biden with a new Vice Presidential pick, can beat Trump, a man vilified in the mainstream and social media for years.

Why, then, would marginal GOP candidates run?

  1. Additional name recognition and the lifelong title of "Presidential Candidate."
  2. Campaign contributions that can subsidize temporary perks and privileges while campaigning or, more importantly, pledge existing candidate support along with an endorsement, and possibly a contribution, that can be used to buy favors like a cabinet appointment from the most likely winner.
  3. To finance a future campaign.

Who are the likely challengers to Trump’s candidacy?

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
  • Former Vice President Mike Pence
  • Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley
  • Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
  • Governor Kristi Noem (Possible V.P.)
  • Senator Tim Scott (Possible V.P.)
  • Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin
  • Senator Ted Cruz

Lesser lights include…

  • Maryland Governor Larry Hogan
  • Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson
  • New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu

Potential douchebag disrupters…

  • Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
  • Former Representative Liz Cheney
  • Former National Security Advisor John Bolton
  • Senator Marco Rubio

What are the traditional qualities desired in a President of the United States?

Generally speaking, a president should exhibit a range of traditional skills and behaviors – which is fine for relatively “normal” times. For extraordinary times and extreme challenges, you want a President that gets the job done and demands respect for the United States and the Office of the Presidency.

While former President Trump is somewhat unconventional and often uncouth, his record of accomplishments while under continuous fire from the deep state and their media propagandists has proven him to be a formidable power in his own right.

Trump is clearly transactional, doing what is necessary at the moment to advance his agenda – and, some say, ego and well-being. This leads to inadequate vetting and associations with dodgy characters chosen for their telegenic looks, wealth, or previous powerful positions. Great training to deal with slimeballs, both foreign and domestic.

A President should possess…

  1.  Superior leadership skills to effectively lead the country, making difficult decisions while providing a clear vision for the future.

  2.  Strong integrity and exhibit ethical principles, be honest and transparent and act in the best interest of the country and its citizens.

  3.  Effective communications skills, able to articulate their vision, policies, and decisions clearly and concisely.

  4.  Empathy and compassion, the ability to understand and relate to the needs and concerns of citizens from diverse backgrounds.

  5.  Ability to think critically, analyze complex issues, and make well-informed decisions on a strategic and tactical level.

  6.  Diplomatic and negotiating skills, to negotiate effectively, build relationships with other countries, and represent America on the world stage.

  7.  Adaptability, flexibility, and resiliency, able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and remain calm and focused under pressure.

  8.  General knowledge and expertise relating to domestic and foreign policy issues, and be able to effectively absorb specialized briefings.

  9.  Ability to manage his own staff in a manner to make them more effective.

  10.  Be able to capture the attention and respect of a measurable majority of American citizens.

Why Ronna McDaniel is so dangerous at the RNC…

As the governing body of the Republican Party, the Republican National Committee's primary purpose is to support and promote the goals and values of the party, as well as to coordinate and support the campaigns of Republican candidates for office.

The RNC's specific responsibilities include:

  • Raising funds for the party to fund ongoing core functions and to support the general campaigns of Republican candidates.

  • Organizing the quadrennial Republican National Convention, which is the gathering of the party's leaders and delegates to nominate a presidential candidate.

  • Developing a party platform that describes the party's policies, values, and positions on various issues.

  • Supporting candidates with financial and organizational resources to help them win elections.

  • Promoting the party's messaging to the public, through various means such as press releases, media interviews, and advertising campaigns.

  • Building and maintaining the party's permanent local, state, and national infrastructure.

  • Mounting legal challenges to egregious electoral insults regarding clean voter rolls, blanket mail-in balloting, proper voter identification, ballot transport, authentication, and counting and correction methods.

By any measure, Ronna McDaniel has failed to advance Republican causes and win elections. To this day, the platform seems comprised of bumper-sticker platitudes and slogans. There is no corresponding election lawyer like the Democrat’s Marc Elias, who does everything in his power, from pro-Democrat election laws to dirty tricks, to advance the Democrat agenda and candidates. Without a doubt, McDaniel favors the establishment over more conservative candidates.

Can you even imagine Ronna McDaniel attempting to rig the GOP presidential nominating calendar to help Donald Trump avoid states where he’s politically weak? Well, that's what the DNC just did to help Biden avoid Iowa and New Hampshire to favor a strong start in South Carolina.  And with nary a protest from the media or the RNC.

DeSantis, tinkering around the edges?

While Ron DeSantis appears to be the top contender to Trump’s candidacy, if one pays close attention to DeSantis’ behind-the-scenes actions, he appears to be another well-spoken establishment type with better public relations than Trump. Will he be as tough and outspoken as Trump, no? Trump is driven by a sense of outrage and a desire to wreak havoc on his enemies – most of whom have been exposed and stand vulnerable. The issue is if Trump can get hard-headed individuals to fill critical positions at the Department of Justice, the FBI, and other cabinet slots. And if his chosen people can reach down into the bureaucracy to excise metastasizing cancer that is eating America alive.

Bottom line…

This time the stakes are even higher as deep state actors know they are at risk and in Trump’s crosshairs.

Right now, we are so screwed. And if the GOP doesn’t suddenly catch fire, we are more screwed than before when the Democrats nominated a corrupt, cognitively impaired impostor president and his intersectional cackling sidekick.

-- Steve

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