Enabled by billions of discretionary dollars, a cadre of willing acolytes, and a primarily uncritical media, there is no stopping Bill Gates from promoting his global vision.

Like many billionaires who achieved their fame through a combination of ability and lucky timing, it appears Bill Gates now believes that he has the knowledge and wisdom to affect, if not direct, the destiny of humankind. The problem, as it seems to me, is that Gates is a raging liberal – not with the manifest corruption and craziness of self-proclaimed climate guru Al Gore, but more with a strategic malevolence like that found in billionaire mastermind George Soros. Both profiting handsomely from investments linked to their alleged viewpoint.

Bill Gates is not the likable, trustworthy benefactor created by his self-promoting public relations team…

While I respect Bill Gates’ mental prowess, cleverness, and achievements, I have never regarded Bill Gates as a paragon of virtue, or for that matter, anything other than a businessman who had dipped his toe into corruption and darkness when it benefitted him and his growing enterprises. I looked at Gates’ Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for technical brilliance and later Steve Ballmer for operational common sense. The truth is that Microsoft was not an innovator; almost all of its achievements came from technology purchases and sometimes outright theft and coercion.

But what bothers me the most is that Bill Gates, the spearhead who enabled the worldwide personal computer revolution by promoting a universal and relatively open operating system, is now trying to curtail free speech.

Bill Gates Pushes Disturbing Plan to Fight ‘Digital Misinformation’

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is pushing a disturbing dystopian plan to fight so-called “digital misinformation” and “political polarization” online.

Speaking during a new podcast interview with German news media outlet Handelsblatt, Gates argues that artificial intelligence (AI) should be used to police the speech of humans on the Internet.

When asked about “political polarization” and “misinformation,” Gates gave the Jan. 6 as an example, which he referred to as an “attack” against the Capitol.

He continued by declaring that he’s still “in a state of shock” over people questioning the 2020 election results.

“I’m certainly concerned about political polarization, and I know the U.S. situation best of all,” Gates said. “I wouldn’t have expected people to attack the Capitol or deny the validity of election results. “I’m in a state of shock about that.

“We can’t blame AI for that,” he continued. “That happened.

It may have been magnified by digital channels that allow various conspiracy theories like QAnon or whatever to be blasted out by people who wanted to believe those things.

[OCS: There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the most significant source of disinformation is the United States government under the progressive communist democrats, where individuals like presidents Obama and Biden and bottom-dwellers like Hillary Clinton define the depths of misinformation. There is more and more evidence that so-called “conspiracy theories” are demonstrably true and that the progressive communist democrats have weaponized the government against the people they swore an oath to represent.]

He continued by describing “political polarization” as another social problem that could be partially remedied via the use of AI to reduce “confirmation bias.”

[OCS: The basis of all search engines is “confirmation bias,” the tendency of people to favor information that confirms their existing beliefs or hypotheses. Hence, search engine algorithms are tuned to favor results most closely aligned with your interests, be they products, pornography, or opinions. The goal is to maximize acceptance, not produce off-putting results questioning your beliefs.]

Gates touted the use of applications of generative AI like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which he says could improve office efficiency, drafting invoices, and letters

“This will change our world,” he declared.

Soon, “you’ll have announcements from Microsoft and Google, where they’re competing to lead in this space,” Gates added.

Microsoft announced last week that its Bing search engine will be powered in part by ChatGPT AI technology.

During a recent study, the AI chatbot was labeled “woke” after its biases were exposed. <Source>

The danger point…

There is no doubt in my mind that Bill Gates is a progressive democrat whose worldview is antithetical to American core values of free speech and vigorous debate on the battlefield of ideas.

The idea that Bill Gates, or for that matter, any other oligarch, can play a role in defining truth and the arbiter of what is presented to the public is outright dangerous. Even worse, Microsoft is now modifying their flagship Edge Brower and Bing Search engine to use a version of artificial intelligence where “they” select the input training used to “inform” the AI model.

An example…

There is no doubt that the subject of vaccines is shrouded in mystery and misinformation, much of the misinformation coming from the government and vaccine manufacturers who are now being forced to reckon with questions about the vaccine’s efficacy, longevity, and horrendous side effects, with powerful forces acting to shield themselves from embarrassment and liability. Allowing any person, organization, or political party to control or replace news with a narrative is unethical, unconscionable, and immoral.

It appears that Gates has a somewhat Malthusian viewpoint, believing an exponentially growing population represents a clear and present danger to the earth’s resources. He is an outspoken proponent of population control, which he believes is a root cause of poverty and civil unrest. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the world’s most prominent proponents of birth control and vaccinations, including those used for measles, hepatitis B, rotavirus, and AIDS, among others.

Even with his IQ and ability as a quick study, hobnobbing with political, corporate, and science establishment elites with obvious self-interests does not qualify him to arbitrate the truth. That can only come from a free and open discussion between parties with differing viewpoints where the truth is teased from the battlefield of ideas – not a negotiated consensus of cherry-picked credentialed academics and other experts.

Another example can be found in global climate change, which Gates believes is an existential threat to humanity and calls for government measures to force reductions and the eventual elimination of fossil fuel consumption and associated carbon dioxide emissions. According to Gates, “It’s not optional to have a solution for climate.” Anyone with common sense can refute the fashionable science of the day with a few questions and scientific facts. Yet, climate change is producing more extensive and more authoritarian governments and billions of dollars for those pushing an unprovable proposition that will not be measurable for thousands of years. Global climate change is the perfect scam.

The fundamental danger of chatbots arises from the old computer adage: garbage in, garbage out.


Who will determine how a chatbot controlled by tech oligarchs and influenced by the government is telling you the truth? Has anybody developed a “truth tester” for a multiple-path chatbot?

Bottom line…

I do not trust Bill Gates. I do not trust AI-powered chatbots. And I certainly don’t trust our present regime.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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