For years, I have bemoaned the fact that progressive communist democrats have infiltrated the educational establishment from pre-K through college with the specific goal to indoctrinate, not specifically to educate. The result is that we have turned out a generation of functional illiterates who lack critical thinking skills, a knowledge of history, and core survival skills in an increasingly troubled world. Individuals who are more inclined to accept groupthink and collectivism than individualism and opportunism. These are the individuals taught to rely on electronic devices to research, write, or should I say copy and paste, or do math – many of these devices requiring batteries.

Each decade we lose more and more personal resilience and accept big government dictates, entitlements, and handouts.

The upcoming educational and employment apocalypse.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being sold to the public as a tool that can augment and enhance human abilities as it assists us to doing research, making decisions, solving problems, and communicating more efficiently.

However, there is a valid concern that relying too heavily on AI could reduce personal resiliency and problem-solving skills – leaving us more vulnerable when AI is not available, subverted by regimes and hackers, or is not functioning correctly.. In the extreme, we see our own abilities diminish, becoming less proficient in performing crucial everyday tasks. Witness children who no longer can read or write cursively, require calculators to make change or do the simplest arithmetic such as adding up a column of numbers.

And our enemies are all about increasing America’s vulnerabilities to diminish and eventually destroy our beloved America, the land of freedom and opportunity.

The dangers of AI in education…

  1. Job loss: The use of AI in education may lead to job loss for teachers, as well as other educational professionals, as tasks are automated.

  2. Bias: AI systems are only as unbiased as the data they are trained on, and there is a risk of perpetuating existing biases in education and society.

  3. Lack of critical thinking: Over-reliance on AI for problem-solving and decision-making could lead to a reduction in critical thinking skills among students.

  4. Widening the education gap: If AI-powered education resources are not widely available or accessible to all students, it could widen existing disparities in education outcomes.

  5. Diminished human interaction: AI-powered education could lead to a reduction in face-to-face interaction between teachers and students, which is important for building relationships, developing social skills, and fostering creativity.

The dangers of AI in employment…

  1. Job loss: AI has the potential to automate many jobs that were previously performed by humans, leading to job loss and unemployment.

  2. Wages: AI may also lead to wage stagnation or a decrease in wages for workers, as companies seek to take advantage of the lower labor costs associated with automation.

  3. Skill obsolescence: With AI automation taking over certain tasks, workers may need to retrain or acquire new skills to remain competitive in the job market.

  4. Bias: AI algorithms may perpetuate existing biases and discrimination, leading to unequal treatment of certain groups in the workplace.

  5. Decreased human interaction: The increased use of AI in the workplace could lead to a reduction in face-to-face interaction and collaboration among workers, potentially reducing creativity, innovation, and teamwork.

Beyond education and employment, the use of AI as an offensive weapon…

The use of AI for harmful purposes, such as the development of autonomous weapons or cyberattacks, could have serious consequences for global security and stability. It could also lead to the loss of human life and the violation of human rights.

  1. Loss of human life: The use of AI as a weapon could result in the loss of human life and the injury of innocent civilians.

  2. Violation of human rights: The deployment of AI in military or security contexts could lead to the violation of human rights and the targeting of non-combatants.

  3. Unpredictable outcomes: AI systems may behave in unexpected ways, potentially leading to unintended consequences and harm.

  4. Lack of accountability: It may be difficult to determine who is responsible for harm caused by autonomous weapons, leading to a lack of accountability for their actions.

  5. Escalation of conflict: The use of AI as a weapon could lead to an escalation of conflict and violence, potentially resulting in wider-scale violence and harm.

  6. Destabilization of global security: The development and deployment of AI weapons could destabilize global security and increase the risk of conflict between nations.

  7. Undermining of international law: The use of AI as a weapon may undermine international law and the norms and principles that regulate the conduct of war.

  8. Negative impact on non-combatants: The deployment of AI weapons could have a disproportionate and negative impact on non-combatants, such as civilians and aid workers.

  9. Ethical concerns: The development and deployment of AI as a weapon raises serious ethical concerns, including questions about the responsible and humane use of technology in war.

  10. Threat to global peace and stability: The use of AI as a weapon could pose a threat to global peace and stability, and could have lasting negative effects on communities and nations for generations to come.

Bottom line…

For those who believe that the development and use of AI should be guided by ethical principles, so as to ensure that it benefits society as a whole and does not have negative consequences for individuals or groups, you are dreaming. We live in a competitive environment where even communists compete against other communists for power, prestige, and profits.

To believe that AI is neutral or benign is to ignore human nature. There will always be a regime dedicated to gaining and maintaining power. There will always be gatekeepers seeking to control access to generate toll income. And there will always be opposing forces seeking to render the system vulnerable, tear the system down, and implement their own system.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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