Since the Democrats have openly strayed beyond political traditions and norms, nothing in the world of progressive communist democrat politics is beyond the pale…


How else can you explain the Democrat Party's knowing nomination of a certifiably corrupt and cognitively deficient candidate and an extraordinary effort to subvert the electoral process on so many fronts?

Therefore, we should not ignore the present situation when considering presidential actions…

(1 )  We have President Biden’s videotaped confession of a corrupt “quid pro quo” involving the withholding of a billion-dollar U.S. government loan to Ukraine unless the Ukrainian President fired a Ukrainian State Prosecutor who is investigating the company paying his son more than $50,000 per month for a no-show Board position. Far less than the dubious allegation of another Ukrainian quid pro quo proffered by corrupt democrat actors using manufactured hearsay evidence that resulted in the impeachment of President Trump.

(2)  We have a Vice President, Kamala Harris, who is inept, incompetent, unlikeable, and often incoherent as she jets around the world doing nothing—in essence, acting as an insurance policy against the removal of President Joe Biden for anything less than a fully incapacitating stroke. She herself is impeachable for her failure to follow federal laws and deal with an open Southern Border contrary to the Constitution.

(3)  We have a motley group of cabinet-level officials who are beholding to the Democrat Party for their position and are reluctant to invoke the 25th Amendment removal of President Biden on medical incapacitation grounds lest they lose their cushy jobs when a new President is sworn in.

(4)  Our foreign policy is almost non-existent as we openly provoke Russia, placate China, tolerate Iran, ignore Turkish insults, and do little or nothing about growing terrorism threats in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

(5)  Our domestic policy is becoming a suicide attempt as the progressive communist democrats attempt to destroy the fossil fuel industry that powers our economy. The government is turning tyrannical as it tries to censor dissent or cancel dissenter’s access to wide-distribution platforms. And, there is a possibility that the betrayal and duplicitousness of corrupt U.S. officials have wittingly or unwittingly participated in the biological poisoning of a large segment of the population.

(6)  Our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies have become corrupt and highly politicized and may be exerting control over government officials by blackmail, extortion, or other means.

(7)  The progressive communist democrats have waged an identity-based war in the United States, which produced a near-perfect political polarization that vests unwarranted and undue political power in a thin segment of the population. Where identity classes or the voters in key swing states can more easily change the course of history than ever before.

To put it succinctly: we are screwed.

A speculative scheme that has historical precedent…

(1)  Remove President Biden from office by impeachment or for 25th Amendment incapacitation, allowing the Vice President to assume the Office of the Presidency where she could appoint a Vice President. Under the law, the newly appointed Vice President must be approved by both the House and the Senate, both having narrow margins, with the Senate being controlled by the Democrats and Independents and the House GOP majority easily nullified by the 13 or so RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) that appear willing to jump across the aisle and empower the Democrat agenda.

(2)  Once an acceptable Vice President is inaugurated and has assumed the power of their office, the newly-appointed President is also removed for cause, and the new Vice President becomes the unelected President of the United States – much like Gerald Ford. Followed by a new appointment of another Vice President.

Yes, this is a credible scenario… America’s 38th president, Gerald Ford (1913-2006), took office on August 9, 1974, following the resignation of President Richard Nixon (1913-1994), who left the White House in disgrace over the Watergate scandal. Ford became the first unelected President in the nation’s history. Ford had been appointed vice president less than a year earlier by President Nixon, using his power under the 25th Amendment to replace Vice President Spiro T. Agnew (1918-1996), who resigned from office in October 1973 over charges of accepting bribes and evading taxes.

Who are the players?


At present, it appears that the progressive communist democrats want to elect one of their own. The two most-bandied about names are California Governor Gavin Newsom for President and former First Lady Michelle Obama as Vice President. Could the scheme work if Vice President Harris is removed first and replaced with Michelle Obama? Strange things happened under former President Obama’s watch where the intelligence and law enforcement agencies were weaponized and the deep bureaucratic state seeded with Obamacons who formed the resistance to President Trump’s policies.

Bottom line…

Pray for America, as we are being totally screwed by the progressive communist democrats and the foreign powers they represent as the feckless and impotent GOP fights for pork to feather their nests.

-- Steve

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