Liar, leaker, and evidence fabricator declares his candidacy for the Senate historic – and I agree!

I can think of no other deceptively dishonest douchebag to run for the United States Senate.


Stephen —

Adam’s candidacy for U.S. Senate is nothing short of historic — and we have the numbers to back that up:

Out of more than 12,000 members of Congress in U.S. history, 36 have served as impeachment managers. And of those 36, only 4 have ever been lead impeachment managers of a sitting United States president. And he was the first lead impeachment manager to ever obtain a bipartisan vote in the Senate to remove a sitting president.

[OCS: He was the first to create a partisan whistleblower out of thin air and refuse to make his sworn testimony public. He was the first to engage in a conspiracy to bring down a sitting presidency based on zero evidence of wrongdoing. He was the first to ignore the national security threat posed by the son of a Senate member selling his father’s office and influence to our enemies. Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that Adam Schiff’s candidacy is historic – the Benedict Arnold of candidates.]

Four people in the history of Congress — 0.03% — have the experience Adam Schiff has in holding a president accountable. And that experience is important to bring to the Senate.

[OCS: Schiff did not hold a president accountable, he subverted the U.S. Constitution, rigged the Committee’s proceedings, violated the norms and traditions of the House of Representatives, and created false and misleading “evidence” out of thin air.]

When a dangerous demagogue tried to upend our democracy, Adam fought back. Adam showed his experience, grit, and courage to stand up for our country — and he made history doing it. And after Trump led an insurrection against the Congress, Adam was again at the forefront of holding him accountable for the January 6th attack.

[OCS: In a classic example of projecting your sins onto your opposition, Adam Schiff is the dangerous demagogue. Schiff refused to hold those responsible for January 6 – Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Muriel Bowser accountable for the riot they could have easily prevented. Or was it a false flag operation designed to attack President Trump and to prevent the election from being challenged by an alternate slate of electors?]

Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump are going to do all they can to stop Adam, just like they’ve done at every single turn. Let’s stand up to their attacks and make history one more time.

Adam is counting on a groundswell of grassroots support in these first few days of the campaign. Donate $3 or more right now to send Adam to the United States Senate:

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Thank you for having Adam’s back in this critical moment.

Team Schiff

Bottom line…

Screw Adam Schiff as he attempts to lie his way into the U.S. Senate.

We are so screwed when Representatives like Adam Schiff try to elevate their position to wreak further havoc on the America they swore to protect.

-- Steve

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