It is hard to believe that any panel comprised of compromised members of the media, a European regulator, and a Democrat have the balls to publicly speak on disinformation,  given their history of distorting the truth on behalf of the globalist regime.

The Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation
How can the public, regulators, and social media companies better collaborate to tackle disinformation, as information pollution spreads at unprecedented speed and scale?

Speakers include:

  • Brian Stelter, Fellow, Media and Democracy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government and formerly the disgraced anchor of “Reliable Sources” on CNN – a program so partisan as to ignore the truth and simply repeat progressive communist democrat talking points.

CNN’s Brian Stelter compared the “radicalization” of President Donald Trump’s supporters by the “right-wing media machine” to that of ISIS members.

Stelter made the comments on his Sunday CNN show “Reliable Sources,” during which he blamed conservative media or radicalizing America. Fox News, Newsmax and One America News Network are among the networks responsible, Stelter said – Facebook, he added, harbors some blame as well.

“First, the best word for what is happening in America right now is radicalization. That’s what it is. That’s what this hyped-up, right-wing media machine is doing. That’s why it feels harder to talk about politics with other people,” Stelter began. <Source>

  • Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, Chairman and Publisher, The New York Times, the inheritor of a legacy of lying and false reporting on historical world events such as the Holocaust, the Ukraine massacre, and the blatant reporting of progressive communist democrat propaganda as news while censoring or deceptively editing legitimate news and questioning points of view.

"How does this discussion of disinformation relate to everything else happening here today in Davos?" Stelter asked the panel."If you look at this question of disinformation," Sulzberger replied, "I think it maps basically to every other challenge that we're grappling with as a society, and certainly the most existential among them." 

"What it attacks is trust," he continued, suggesting that a lack of trust will result in the disintegration of society. "People fracture along tribal lines, and that immediately undermines pluralism, and the undermining of pluralism is probably the most dangerous thing that can happen to a democracy."

Sulzberger went on to claim that those who invoke terms such as "fake news" and "enemy of the people" were following in the footsteps of repressive regimes such as Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. [OCS: The New York Times demonstrably gave support to both the Nazi regime and Stalin. They have yet to return the Pulitzer Prize given to NYT correspondent Walter Duranty for his scurrilous reporting.]

He also contended that the information ecosystem had become poisoned to such an extent that it would require years of sustained effort to get things back on track. <Source>

  • Representative Seth Moulton (D-MA), an uber-partisan member of the “Trump is Hitler” club, openly compared the rise of Republican presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump to the election of Adolf Hitler. as he promoted his own candidate whose history was a litany of lies and corruption.  
Democratic Representative Seth Moulton said that Americans are taught that they do not have the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater during a disinformation panel on Tuesday at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) week-long meeting in Davos, Switzerland, despite constitutional experts debunking the claim.

“This concept of preserving public safety, even under the banner of free speech, is actually something that we’ve accepted for a long time,” Moulton said. “We get taught in grade school the concept of ‘yes, you’re allowed free speech but not crying fire in a crowded theater.'” 

“Representative Moulton makes the typical mistake that most people make in paraphrasing this famous statement by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, who said that freedom of speech doesn’t protect falsely shouting fire, causing a life-endangering panic.  But if the theater is on fire, that shout is life-saving! 

This critical distinction underscores that speech may be restricted if – but only if – it directly, imminently causes or threatens some specific serious harm.”“This old canard, a favorite reference of censorship apologists, needs to be retired,” he wrote. “It’s repeatedly and inappropriately used to justify speech limitations. People have been using this cliché as if it had some legal meaning, while First Amendment lawyers roll their eyes.” <Source>    

The panelists claimed that spreading fake news was among the greatest threats facing society, and praised Europe for its strict internet regulations.

The real questions that need to be asked…

(1)  How do we reduce regime-collaborative censorship and cancellation policies to ensure platform neutrality where ideas can be promoted, examined, and debated – while flagging inappropriate content?

(2)  How do we identify and modulate those elite self-serving globalists and progressive communist democrats who exploit real or imagined crises to push their personal, political, and profit agenda?

(3)  How do the legacy and social media regain their credibility after being party to suppressing legitimate warnings about medical information from well-credentialed and experienced professionals that could have challenged a false narrative and perverted science?

Bottom line…

Elitist bullshit as the panelists try to impress other powerful and influential attendees with their brilliance. For those wanting to watch the panel’s presentation, it can be found here.

Notice, they talk about collectivism and rarely about freedom, liberty, and inalienable individual rights that cannot be broached by the government.

We are so screwed when we allow these “elites” to assume control over the levers of power that provide critical information to our nation.

-- Steve.

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