Has the CBS News feature "60 Minutes" gone so far left to ignore science and history?

How else can you explain the appearance of Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich, 90, whose predictions of unchecked population growth, resource shortages, and global famine have been debunked over the preceding decades since his 1968 bestseller, The Population Bomb?

Ignoring history, science, and engineering, Ehrlich is back with more nonsense, that the world is undergoing a Sixth Mass Extinction owing to humanity's rising population and resource consumption.

Of course, one only need to consider the gross falsity of Ehrlich’s base assumption that man is incapable of adapting to new circumstances, be they natural or man-made disasters.

On the issue of resources, Ehrlich posits…

PELLEY: You seem to be saying that humanity is not sustainable.

EHRLICH: Humanity is not sustainable. To maintain our lifestyle, yours and mine, basically, for the entire planet, you’d need five more earths. Not clear where they’re going to come from.

PELLEY: Just in terms of the resources that would be required.

EHRLICH: Resources that would be required, the systems that support our lives, which of course are the biodiversity that we’re wiping out. Humanity is very busily sitting on a limb that we’re sawing off.

With Ehrlich, two things remain the same. One, he overlooks his past predictive failures and speaks with the certitude of a scientifically-credentialed prophet.   And two, all of his prescriptives lead to the necessity of a strong authoritarian government with central planning to manage the use and re-distribution of resources-- personal freedoms be damned.

Bottom line…

Ehrlich provides no scientifically-based reasons why anybody should look past his gross failures and accept his recent predictions of doom.

And it seems that 60 Minutes remains incurious and unwilling to push back with equally credentialed and experienced guests who could point out the falsity or, more scientifically, the low probability of Ehrlich’s dire outcomes. Instead, 60 Minutes presented two of Ehrlich’s like-minded Stanford colleagues, Tony Barnosky and Liz Hadly, aging senior citizens who are married to each other.

He is a zero-growth redistributionist who once pointed out that “You have to get the death rate and birth rate in balance. And there are only two ways to do it. One is to bring the birth rate down, the other is to push the death rate up.” At 90, one might wonder if he views the man-made Communist Chinese Virus as a partial solution to the world’s woes. 

We are so screwed when formerly reputable programs push progressive communist democrat propaganda and prescriptions.

-- Steve

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