We are at Defcon 2...

The fact remains that the leadership of Communist China is now seeding a new variant of the China-made Covid-19 virus throughout the world. Allowing infected individuals to travel abroad freely is an act of biowarfare.

For the U.S. government's leadership to willingly allow these individuals into the United States, either through legitimate travel channels or illegally crossing our borders, is treason.

There comes a time when no messaging or statistical sleight-of-hand can overcome the optics of full emergency rooms and hospital beds.

Add the overlay of the Administration's attempt to censor dissenting information that questions the efficacy of the various vaccines and the prevalence of life-altering side effects.

There is no doubt in my mind that the credibility of the public health authorities at the local, state and federal levels has been seriously eroded. They are leading Americans into a wilderness of mirrors with no authoritative answers.

As Dr. Fauci and his colleagues have demonstrated, speaking with certainty against the backdrop of an official seal is no longer enough.

Even worse, because of China's tendrils into government agencies and institutions, we now need to worry about regime collaborators willing to sell out America for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver. The exact price paid to the master of an enslaved person if and when his slave was gored by an ox, as mentioned in Exodus 21:32.

The narrative war...

We are engaged in an information war, attempting to change the ingrained long-standing beliefs gathered since childhood. Some individuals will be apathetic, some intellectually lazy, and some willing to bask in the comfort of their peers.  The key to forcing people to hear what they would rather not hear is daunting -- you need to subliminally access their channels of learning, so they finally accept and agree with your premise as if it were their own. Difficult or near impossible when the opposition controls the levers of media. 

They do not understand that we are facing the battle of our lives; against an alternate world order comprised of elites, oligarchs, and despots who have managed to subvert the system. One, by controlling the narrative through the media, censorship, and cancellation. Two, by inflating the money supply and manipulating currencies to allow the purchase of assets and influence that which could not be gained with force. Three, by indoctrinating, not educating, another generation into ignoring history and traditional norms in favor of normalizing bizarre and aberrant behaviors. And four, by simply coercing through money, sex, and blackmail the assent of those who we have trusted with our future.

Bottom line...

I fear that I am too old to be more optimistic that a solution to the encroaching demise of the United States can be found in my lifetime, especially when professional politicians put themselves above the needs of their nation and constituents -- as they pander to special interests, malignant unions,  and large donors.

The one saving grace of our Founding Fathers lies in their realization that the Second Amendment plays a role in self-protection against evildoers and evil governments.

One need only look at a disarmed Mexico to see the end-stage of America in twenty years. Illegal aliens with allegiance to their country of origin and without traditional American values of freedom are already invading the United States in massive numbers and, in some places, have, over time, begun to dominate political decision-making. 

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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