There is no doubt in my mind that our nation, its government, and its institutions have been deeply infiltrated by progressive communist democrats.

In essence, the communists have captured the three main components necessary to destroy our nation, using our own laws, money, and elected officials without firing a shot-- all nearly invisible to Americans because our media has failed to be the watchdog “speaking truth to power.” Instead, the media amplifies the regime’s narrative while censoring or distorting dissent and attacking or canceling dissenters.

The old Marxist class warfare has morphed into race warfare in the hopes that minorities will cripple and eventually destroy the capitalist system and replace it with an authoritarian socialist regime on the way to communism.


Notice the pattern?


Notice the narrative...

Be cautious of the progressive communist democrat narrative that the beating of a black individual by five black officers operating under a black police chief in a mostly black-majority city is an example of white supremacy.    

Tyre Nichols’ Death Shows Black Cops Can Also Be ‘Faces Of White Supremacy’
The fact that the officers were Black doesn’t change the underlying issues of policing, brutality, and white supremacy.

Five Black officers on a police force that is majority Black, in a majority Black city, brutalized Tyre Nichols leading to his death. For some people, it is easier to articulate the issues of systemic racism and white supremacy when the perpetrators are white. But the fact that the officers were Black doesn’t change the underlying problems of policing, brutality and white supremacy.

When people talk about white supremacy being at the root of these incidents, it’s about the systemic dehumanization of people that can be learned and socialized into any group regardless of race. In the context of institutions, white supremacy describes a system of power that dictates values, norms and standards of behavior and how to relate to others. <Source>

Even worse, we find that our judiciary is corrupted with activist judges who, by their own words, betray their bias.

‘You’re a Good Guy, No Question’ Federal Judge Tells Antifa Terrorist, Wannabe Cop Killer

coganAntifa terrorists are receiving far different treatment than conservative protestors in America's federal court system.

A federal court judge in New York City praised a lawyer-turned-convicted Antifa terrorist as a “good guy” during a sentencing hearing in which America 2.0’s hyper-politicized, two-tiered system of justice was put on full display.

Colinford Mattis, a corporate lawyer and convicted Antifa terrorist who tried to kill NYPD officers by launching Molotov cocktails into a police van during 2020’s BLM riots, was hailed as a “good guy” by the federal judge presiding over his case, and given a light sentence.

“You’re a good guy. No question,” Federal Judge Brian Cogan, of the Eastern District of New York, told Mattis at sentencing.

Under the plea agreement, he made with the feds, Mattis will serve just 12 months and 1 day in prison, spend a year on probation, and pay a fine of $30,000. <Source>

This is far less than the penalties meted out to the non-violent January 6 protestors who simply walked through the capitol complex without arms or doing damage. Some of who have been held in deplorable punitive conditions awaiting trial as if they were presumed guilty rather than innocent, as our system of justice demands.

And this isn’t the first time Bush-appointee Cogan supported the deep state.

Judge Shielded Merck Enabling Concealment of Drug Safety Hazards

A Reuters investigative reporter Dan Evine, reveals how Judge Brian Cogan – who sat in judgment over 900 Propecia®  lawsuits in New York federal court – enabled Merck to conceal the documents that proved the company’s culpability. Propecia which has been marketed in the U.S. since 1999, causes sexual dysfunction, even after it is no longer used. <Source>

Bottom line…

What happened to an American citizen, Tyre Nichol, at the hands of police officers is inexcusable. Not only were Nichol's civil rights violated, but the level of police depravity is almost beyond comprehension. After listening to the tapes numerous times, I thought the commands Nichols was given were contradictory, and there was no way he could have complied.  It is almost as if the police staged a deliberate beat-down because they were forced to pursue a fleeing suspect.  

The Democrat Party, their deep state operatives, and their media propagandists have become a clear and present danger to America as they ignore our Constitution and its protections.

We are moving toward tyranny at an unprecedented speed, and I am coming to believe that those RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) supporting the progressive communist democrat agenda are the most dangerous of all.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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