The key feature of the scientific method is controlled skepticism, where every fact and hypothesis is open for challenge, leading to confirmation, refinement, or falsification.

There is no consensus, as consensus is a political process to seek accord, often by negotiation. In science, there is no negotiation, and where facts may be generally accepted by some segment of the scientific community, that does not make them immune to challenge or debate.

By way of illustration, Albert Einstein, widely considered one of the greatest scientists of history, saw his complex theoretical work often misunderstood – sometimes violently by certain well-respected, well-credentialed members of the scientific community. A number of those challenged Einstein's theory of Special Relativity in a 1931 work titled, Hundred Authors against Einstein. In response to the work, Einstein famously quipped, “Why 100? If I were wrong, one would have been enough.” Pointing out that even the most well-accepted theory may be falsified by one scientific work.

Unfortunately, we are living in an era where politics has infected both science and a previously questioning media.

Today, science and the use of an appeal to scientific authority often drive the justification of public policy. And, when those public policies fail and the public is harmed, it is blamed on our imperfect understanding of science rather than the imperfect and corrupt individuals and institutions that put forth the policy to further their agenda and self-interests.

Few realize that current regime-driven funding mechanisms promote institutions, projects, and principal researchers who conform to the fashionable science of the day. With few expenditures allotted to the replication and confirmation of scientific findings that might embarrass the funders or those elite scientists who participated in the research. Especially if the results did not support commonly-held beliefs and public policies. Of course, the most common mistake in science is taking a local result and globalizing or exaggerating it to give it a greater impact in the media.

The regime is the filter that drives the media coverage of scientific findings…

ARTICLE-SCIENCEWhat it means to be a scientist…

Being a researcher is much more than getting a degree from an accredited educational institution—witness the number of discoveries and inventions from what the elite would call amateurs.

It is much more than paying lip service to the scientific method – especially while allowing the availability of funding bias to influence their work in favor of the funders.

It is about curiosity, hypotheses, observations, measurements, and the calculation of the bounds of uncertainty.

It certainly is not about stepping out of your expertise to opine on political or scientific matters with far-reaching ramifications outside your subject-matter knowledge basis. For that’s not science; it is opinion and commentary dressed up in credentialism or buried in a ream of cherry-picked, peer-reviewed papers.

The most important part of your findings or conclusion should be the ± error estimate that further validates your work. Without an estimate of likely error, the work remains incomplete.

For those individuals that represent that they speak for “The Science,” they should be ignored as compromised charlatans with an agenda beyond research. Perhaps best encapsulated in a quote by the eminent Australian Nobel Laureate and immunologist Peter Doherty who quipped, “If you want absolutes speak to a politician or a pope.”

Bottom line…

The progressive communist democrats and their feckless republican counterparts have destroyed the public’s faith in our premier government institutions, the media, and, shamefully, the process of science itself.

Faith in experts has been lost.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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