I was intrigued by a global risks survey that was said to represent the thinking of 1,091 academic, business, government, and civil society leaders who were asked to evaluate the impact of 32 global risks. Its title is “The Largest Risks Faced by the World.”


Of course, at least to me, the survey appeared to be biased towards a viewpoint that seems to emanate from progressive elitists as they opine on matters predicated on assumptions inherent in an artificially-created hypothesis lacking in a rigorous scientific foundation. 

Then I saw that this was an October 2022 survey from the World Economic Forum. A corrupt group of individuals and organizations seeking to direct the control of political power to an organization that could preempt national sovereignty and personal freedoms in their quest to mitigate an artificial man-made crisis.

Now it made perfect sense. Global climate change will kill us, or at least change life as we know it, unless we cede power to this malignant, metastasizing group of wealthy and/or influential control freaks. If you look closely at the ten-year concerns, they look much like the current WEF global climate change talking points.

Considering that the climate is constantly changing and that man has learned to adapt to harsh conditions, ranging from extreme cold to extreme heat, as the climate varies from the equatorial latitudes to the polar regions, the real risk to man’s future is not the failure to adapt to climate change, because that is a natural, evolutionary process. It is man’s failure to curb political corruption and the internecine wars to control natural resources and the labor of populations.

Bottom line…

Without relitigating the many incomplete or false assumptions and dodgy highly-manipulated data-driven quasi-scientific computer models used to predict the behavior of a naturally chaotic system, I suggest reforming our political process and rededicating it to a structure proposed by our Founding Fathers, whose political prescriptives captured the wisdom of the ages in a practical system to guide a developing nation. Unique because it guaranteed that a corrupt government could not dilute or override the inalienable God-given rights of man – namely life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Where individuals are treated equally under the law.

Boy, have we strayed. Mostly at the hands of corrupt politicians and the amoral layers who do their bidding – justifying dishonest representation as advocacy.

We are so screwed if we don’t start reforming our evil political class.

-- Steve

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