The fact that the House Republicans cannot select a Speaker of the House on the first vote of a new Congress points to the future failure of the GOP to manage the affairs of the nation effectively…

House Adjourns after McCarthy Loses Three Speaker Votes

The House voted to adjourn on Tuesday evening until noon on Wednesday after three failed attempts at electing a speaker.

The decision to adjourn came shortly after House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) failed to win the speakership in a third vote on Tuesday. A handful of Republican holdouts coalesced around Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) instead. <Source>

Matt Gaetz's Words About Kevin McCarthy Define the Current State of the Republican Party

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is one such man looking to stop McCarthy from obtaining the gavel. Earlier Tuesday, he gave a short speech to reporters about why he’s resisting the GOP’s main pick, and embedded in his words was something that might have defined the Republican Party in its current state better than any other.

Gaetz began by revealing that he and others were threatened to be taken off committee spots if they didn’t vote for McCarthy, but Gaetz said his position was that if someone like McCarthy were in charge then there wouldn’t be any teeth to bite. If all Republicans have is the ability to bark then the committee assignments mean nothing anyway.

He then said something very poignant.

“I don’t want to relive the Benghazi experience where it’s just theatre pretending to be oversight,” said Gaetz.

Right now, the Republican Party is about as dangerous as a revolver without any bullets in it. It just looks threatening. The GOP is all flash and noise, but it doesn’t have the willingness to fight meaningfully against a Democrat Party that has become unquestioningly radicalized. McCarthy is, for all intents and purposes, a perfect reflection of the Republican Party as Gaetz described.

“Theater pretending to be oversight.” <Source>

The progressive communist democrats never stop plotting…

House Democrats’ New Leader Doesn’t Believe in Democracy

Hakeem Jeffries has a long history of denying the legitimacy of our elections and governing institutions. He’s entirely unfit for the job he’s been given.

A crucial value in a democratic system of government is the acceptance of defeat under the rules of the system. Elections are held, and the winners are legitimately entitled to exercise the powers of their offices. Losers need not lose with grace or even dignity; they need not treat a defeat as final when there is always another election to come. But it threatens the survival of the system when people in positions of authority tell the voters that elections are rigged and their outcomes are illegitimate. These are extraordinary charges that demand extraordinary evidence, which is typically not provided. That way lies political violence and the rule of rioters, mobs, and coups.

These deniers of the legitimacy of elections have made their case in public speeches and writings about past and upcoming elections, and also in legal and political challenges to election outcomes and efforts to strip elected officials of their power to govern. They’ve told pervasive lies about election law, eagerly bankrolled Republican “election deniers” in primary elections, and offered up endless one-weird-trick arguments for getting around the rules of the system.

Moreover, Jeffries has argued that the Supreme Court’s decisions are “illegitimate” because of Republicans’ “stealing two Supreme Court seats” by means of the votes of Republican senators. He has not specified whether he thinks those senators were not legitimately elected.

As Bonchie at RedState notes, Jeffries already appears to be contesting the legitimacy of the Republicans’ newly elected House majority, tweeting yesterday that because Republicans intend to seat George Santos (who won his election), Democrats “must take back the House. Immediately.”

Democrats and their pundit class have learned nothing from 2020 or January 6. They will continue playing with lit matches while lecturing the rest of us on the dangers of fire. And then they will feign surprise when sooner or later they burn the house down. <Source>

What is Hakeem Jefferies suggesting by “We must take back the House? Immediately?” An armed insurrection, a call to “obstruct an official proceeding,” or, more likely, to coerce a few dissident Republicans to join with all the Democrats to elect a non-Republican speaker?

Nancy Pelosi’s farewell to her Speakership – a legacy of drunken delusions and lies supported by progressive communist democrat propagandists in the media…

NP-SS (2)

Dear Colleague on the Final Day of the 117th Congress – January 2, 2023

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Today, I write to you my last Dear Colleague as Speaker of the House to express my appreciation for the high honor bestowed upon me by House Democrats. I am humbled by the faith placed in me to serve as Speaker.

One final thought that I wanted to leave with you is my belief that the House Democratic Caucus is the greatest collection of intellect, integrity and imagination assembled for the good of the American people.

[OCS: To claim that the “House Democratic Caucus is the greatest collection of intellect, integrity, and imagination assembled for the good of the American people” is a bald-faced lie and beggars the imagination. On the issue of intellect, one can hardly find a better example of collective idiocy and ignorance. As for the subject of integrity, the Democrats of the 117th Congress, including Nancy Pelosi, are some of the most criminally corrupt individuals in the history of the United States.]

During the 117th Congress, President Biden and Congressional Democrats have put forth a shining vision of justice for all. Together, we have worked tirelessly to infuse this value into our legislative efforts. We can all take immense pride in our achievements toward that goal, which is making a real difference in the American people's lives.

[OCS: That “President Biden and Congressional Democrats have put forth a shining vision of justice for all” is another bald-faced lie. We have never, in the history of the United States, witnessed such a distorted version of justice, including, but not limited to, the usurpation of judicial-like actions without judicial authority, the subversion of due process guaranteed to every citizen by the U.S. Constitution, and the use of unconstitutional Bill of Attainders, a legislative act that pronounces a person guilty of a crime and imposes punishment without trial.

One need only look at the civil rights violations committed against some of the January 6 defendants who have been denied bail as simple trespassers, if that, and were treated worse than murderers, kept in horrific sub-human conditions to know that justice died under the Democrats.] 

In the 118th Congress, I am confident that the new House Democratic Leadership – led by Hakeem, Katherine and Pete – will do even better, remaining always faithful to our shared mission to safeguard our treasured Democracy For The People.

[OCS: In my opinion, Hakeem Jefferies is an Obama-like radical anti-America, an anti-White, anti-Semitic Black communist activist whose smooth manner is media friendly. As for “remaining always faithful to our shared mission to safeguard our treasured Democracy.” how does one explain…

  • The ongoing collusion with big tech to censor free speech and to de-platform dissenters.
  • The lack of House oversight of the intelligence and law enforcement agencies trying to subvert a presidential election and cripple a presidency.
  • The refusal to investigate Biden’s well-documented extortion and money laundering activities.
  • Subverting long-standing House traditions and norms to empower illegally constituted and operated committees.
  • Ignoring well-documented cases of election tampering.
  • The failure to audit the waste, fraud, and abuse associated with COVID-19 funds.]

With gratitude for your kind wishes to Paul, we send you and your loved ones our warmest personal wishes for a Healthy, Happy New Year!


Bottom line…

Where to now?

After the GOP predictions of a “red wave” that was little more than a few droplets and the GOP support of the corrupt trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill, it is no wonder we are seeing pushback against the establishment GOP factotums whose modus operandi appears to be, go along to get along.

Why is this fight occurring at the last possible, most inconvenient time? Indeed, the existing members of the GOP caucus knew about the battle after the election – and did nothing. Sort of like the yearly budget battles with their dire threats to shut down the government.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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