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January 1, 2023
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My optimism for a great 2023 is fading fast…


My AT&T landline shorted out somewhere between my residence and the central office. Of course, the 24/7 service representative was kind enough to refer me to the landline repair division, which is closed on weekends and only operates during regular business hours. Seeing the alternative path, I used their online service and submitted a service ticket at 5:58 p.m. on 1/1/2023.

Imagine my surprise when my service ticket was acknowledged and indicated my service would be restored at some random time, on a random day, and by the end of the year…

From: eRepair Update Ticket <repair_ticket.redacted>
To: <redacted>
Sent: 1/1/2023 5:56:59 PM
Subject: AT&T Trouble Report Confirmation


Bottom line…

Seriously, we have little knowledge of the status of anything involving 2023, except increased costs, an uncertain economy, medical issues, and an open question regarding the fecklessness of the GOP -- other than the predictably continued whining of Donald J. Trump.

We are so screwed. Fight on!

-- Steve

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