What the hell have the globalists, special interests, and their bought-and-paid-for political hacks wrought?

It’s the day after Christmas, and here I am … my small world is at peace. I have a warm bed, enough food, and more entertainment choices than I can possibly consume — all appears to be well as I bitch and moan about third-world problems: prices, taxes, and the decline of the environment surrounding my little piece of the world.

A world where others are suffering mighty, their problems worsened by the policies, both foreign and domestic, of our corrupt and feckless leadership.

Meanwhile, those who purport to represent me — voted in by my fellow citizens and possibly unknown individuals, conspire to feather their own nests. The nation, the state, the city, and my community be damned. 

I can only wonder what the New Year might bring.

With the progressive communist democrats, it’s more of the same — dirty tricks and bamboozling the squishy RINOs into voting for their agenda. 

With the Republicans, it’s a matter of securing your own power base first and then winging it — responding to developing situations with press releases instead of plans.

So what can I do?

(1)  Familiarize myself with the local voting regulations.

(2)  Start identifying those with a like mind and urge an early mail-in response to ballots received in the mail. Not voting is not an option, and it appears that “in-person” voting may become increasingly difficult in strongly Republican precincts.

(3)  Start identifying candidates, especially the infirm, for ballot harvesting if it is legal in your venue.

(4)  Show up at opposition events (without any identifying garb) and ask challenging questions with a tough follow-up.

(5)  Play the “whataboutism” game and call them out if they try to label you. Start by rejecting their premise and say what you want to say.

(6)  Gently troll social media, not with comments or refutations, but with questions you will point to and ask why they are ignoring the questions.

(7)  Read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and use their own tactics against them. Alinsky might have been a communist, but he was a keen observer of human behavior. 

Remember, you cannot convince, cajole, or persuade hardcore fanatics, so don’t waste your time trying. Gather your own base and welcome the disaffected into the fold without criticism, but remain vigilant about their motives and behavior.

Bottom line…

There are no Republicans in the Democrat Party, but there is a large number of Democrats in the Republican Party. Be careful when selecting those that would lead you astray.

We are so screwed.

— Steve


“Nullius in verba”-- take nobody's word for it!
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“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

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