Funny how reality, in the form of nature, seems to cut through the bullshit as it bites you in the ass…

(1)  For those of you who have been told that man is capable of managing the global climate using public policies and taxation, the reality is that the climate is constantly changing, mostly over large geologic time scales, and that the primary drivers of climate are indisputably the Sun’s energy output in all spectral bands, cosmic rays, the Earth’s position relative to the Sun, the Earth’s precessional and rotational dynamics, the Earth’s magnetosphere, plate tectonics and vulcanology, the deep ocean currents, the internal dynamics of the Earth, and the most significant greenhouse gas of all, water vapor. None of these are affected by man on a global or even a local scale. The fact is that man does not know the optimum temperature of the Earth since there is a wide variation between the polar and equatorial latitudes. Truth be told, man’s input signal to climate change cannot be detected or measured against the natural variability of global climate.

(2)  The only reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective power technologies at scale are nuclear, hydroelectric, and geothermal. Wind power and solar power have their limitations, and if not for government subsidies and mandates would be relegated to auxiliary use.

(3)  The idea of the electric car as a “zero emission” vehicle is a lie. Not only does it have severe range and operational considerations, but the power also needs to come from conventional sources, which are managed on a regional basis by entities answerable to corrupt government personnel.

The fine print…

How many individuals know that lithium-ion batteries used to power vehicles have temperature limitations that degrade their performance in hot and cold weather? And how many of these individuals even know what “preconditioning a battery” refers to?

Winter Driving Tips

Your Tesla vehicle has many features designed to optimize your cold-weather driving experience. In cold weather, vehicles use more energy to heat the battery and cabin, and it’s normal to see energy consumption increase.

We have made several updates to improve your driving experience in freezing temperatures including better overall thermal performance, quicker Supercharging and improved cabin conditioning.

Watch for the [Ironically named] Snowflake Icon

A blue snowflake icon may appear on your touchscreen and in the app if your battery is too cold for full power and ideal range. When this icon is displayed, you may notice reduced regenerative braking and acceleration.

Leaving your vehicle plugged in whenever possible and keeping the charge level above 20% when not plugged in will reduce the impact of cold temperatures.

Once the battery is warmed, the snowflake will disappear. Charging, driving and preconditioning [turning on your heater before driving or charging] are all ways to warm your battery. <Source: Tesla>

Does it make a difference?

Tesla Owner Stranded At Supercharger Station On Christmas Eve After Cold Weather Paralyzes Battery

Besides freezing door handles, Tesla owners who braved the cold this Christmas weekend were met with 'winter range anxiety.' As we explained last week, cold weather will degrade battery performance. At least one video went viral on Christmas Eve of a person whose Model S wouldn't charge in the cold at a Supercharger station.

Domenick Nati, 44, a resident of Lynchburg, Virginia, rolled into a Supercharger station Saturday afternoon with 19 miles left of charge. The Tesla's dashboard showed outside temperatures were 19 degrees Fahrenheit. He made a video about his awful experience over the last 24 hours.

In a video posted on TikTok, Nati said battery issues began on Friday when his Tesla wouldn't warm up so it could charge. He tried charging at his house and a Supercharger station, but nothing seemed to work. In a last-ditch effort, he went to Supercharger station on Christmas Eve, where he experienced the same issues. 

Nati abandoned the Tesla at the Supercharger station, fearing it would run out of juice. He canceled his Christmas plans because it was the only car he had, and adding Tesla customer support and or roadside assistance wasn't to help him troubleshoot the problem. <Source>

Buffalo's deadliest storm in 50 years: Death toll rises to 27 in city and 55 across US after stranded drivers froze to death in their cars and six feet of snow landed on NY - leaving it like a 'war zone'


From my author friend, Peter Ralph, in Australia…


I hope you're enjoying Christmas Day. I'm sure Australian orange-bellied parrots are.

An Australian State Government EPA has just approved a 122-wind turbine project subject to all wind farm generators shutting down during the northern orange-bellied parrot migration period (1 March to 31 May inclusive) and the southern orange-bellied parrot migration period (15 September to 15 November inclusive).

Even with generous government subsidies it’s hard to see the project being viable if it can only operate for seven months a year.

Australia also has vast uranium reserves that it exports to the rest of the world while banning nuclear power at home.

Rio Tinto recently discovered a massive lithium reserve in Serbia, but the government has revoked its permits following protests.

Many supporters want green energy without paying the environmental costs that go with it.

Meanwhile, 74% of the Greens in Finland voted in support of nuclear power — something the Australian Greens would consider blasphemy.

I don’t know where we will end up with green energy, but I do know there are those who will make fortunes from it.

Grab a copy of his latest book; Greed is Good Green is Great! It’s a great read!

Bottom line…

If you must virtue-signal, at least get the more sensible hybrid.

It is time to push back against the weather bullpucky as it is simply a power grab and funding mechanism for both the globalists and the progressive communist democrats.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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