Pissed off big time…

Just drove through a local fast-food restaurant and dropped $41.12. Drugs are now cheaper than food.


Once again, the progressive communist democrats who govern California with the fist of a union-driven single party have illustrated the not-so-golden picture of California’s hostile business climate …

It seems California’s politicians are willing to overlook the overwhelming adverse effects of minimum wage laws on workers, businesses, and the overall economy of California.

  • There is no doubt that California’s new minimum wage laws will increase the cost of labor for businesses, leading to higher prices for goods and services, reduced profits for companies, a loss of jobs, and a rise in bankruptcies.
  • Many businesses will choose to reduce their number of employees and the number of hours worked by their existing staff to offset the increased labor costs. Unemployment and reduced wages are the inevitable outcomes of feel-good minimum wage increases set by politicians who are immune from the consequences of their actions.
  • Minimum wage laws will limit the ability of businesses to negotiate wages with individual workers, which can reduce flexibility and potentially lead to serious staffing issues when salaries are compared. Increases for seniority and superior performance are less likely to be voluntarily awarded.
  • Small businesses, such as mom-and-pop restaurants, are disproportionately affected by minimum wage increases, as they have limited margins to absorb the increased labor costs.
  • Minimum wage increases are inflationary as businesses pass on the increased labor costs to consumers through higher prices.
  • Higher labor costs may lead businesses to reduce product quality, training, and advancement opportunities for workers to maintain profitability.
  • Part-time teenagers seeking summer work or temporary employment are forced out of the market by adults competing for the same jobs.

The progressive communist democrats are selling the increased minimum wage as a benefit to the hoard of illegal aliens crossing our Southern border and the benefits of reducing poverty and increasing the purchasing power of low-wage workers to their naïve, entitlement-driven base.

How bad will it be?

It seems that “woke math” supersedes simple arithmetic in California– multiply 40 hours per week times 52 weeks, and you will fund the average worker will work 2080 hours. Now multiply those 2080 hours times the new minimum wage of $15.50, and you will get a total of $32,240 before any benefits such as healthcare, etc. Now please tell me how you justify paying $32,000+ for a burger flipper without grossly inflating the cost of a hamburger.

California Minimum Wage Increases for 2023

Effective January 1, 2023, California employers must meet new minimum wage requirements at the state and local levels. This increase in the minimum wage affects non-exempt employees and the minimum annual salary requirement for overtime-exempt employees.

Increase and Consolidation of the California Minimum Wage

Previously, the State of California employed a two-tiered minimum wage system, requiring employers with 25 or more employees to pay a higher minimum wage than employers with fewer than 25 employees. Beginning on January 1, 2023, all employers, regardless of size, must provide their employees with a minimum wage of not less than $15.50 per hour.

Increase to the Annual Minimum Salary for Overtime-Exempt Employees

California law provides that overtime-exempt employees must receive a salary that is not less than two times the state minimum wage. In light of the new increase to the state minimum wage, effective January 1, 2023, the minimum annual salary for overtime-exempt employees will also increase to $64,480.

A Higher Minimum Wage for Employees Working in “woke” California Cities

Select California cities will raise the minimum wage for non-exempt employees working within city limits. Non-exempt employees working within one of these cities must be paid the local minimum wage when greater than the California state minimum wage. However, overtime-exempt employees working in one of these cities need not be paid more than the California state minimum annual salary of $64,480. 

“Woke” Jurisdiction - Minimum Wage Rate

  • Belmont - $16.75/hour
  • Burlingame - $16.47/hour
  • Cupertino- $17.20/hour
  • Daly City - $16.07/hour
  • East Palo Alto - $16.50/hour
  • El Cerrito - $17.35/hour
  • Foster City - $16.50/hour
  • Half Moon Bay - $16.45/hour
  • Hayward - $16.34/hour (26 or more employees)/$15.50/hour (1-25 employees)
  • Los Altos - $17.20/hour
  • Menlo Park - $16.20/hour
  • Mountain View - $18.15/hour
  • Novato - $16.32/hour (100 or more employees, including people employed outside the city)/$16.07/hour (26-99 employees)/$15.53/hour (1-25 employees)
  • Oakland - $15.97/hour
  • Palo Alto - $17.25/hour
  • Petaluma - $17.06/hour
  • Redwood City - $17.00/hour
  • Richmond - $16.17/hour
  • San Carlos - $16.32/hour
  • San Diego - $16.30/hour
  • South San Francisco $16.70/hour
  • San Jose - $17.00/hour
  • San Leandro (Current $15.00/hour rate expected to increase on 1/1/23, as it will be below the state minimum wage.)
  • San Mateo - $16.75/hour
  • Santa Clara - $17.20/hour
  • Santa Rosa - $17.06/hour
  • Sonoma - $17.00/hour (26 or more employees, including those working outside the city)/$16.00/hour (1-25 employees)
  • Sunnyvale - $17.95/hour
  • West Hollywood - $17.50/hour (50 or more employees)/$17/hour (1-49 employees)

Bottom line…

When will the ignorant, stupid, and “woke” Californians get the message? Our corrupt legislators are wining, dining, and pocket-lining as they kill California’s golden goose to turn California into a Mexican socialist paradise governed by the elites who plunder “We the People,” knowing their union stormtroopers will stuff the ballot boxes if necessary.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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