There comes a time when scholarly thought transcends mere ignorance and crosses the boundary of gross stupidity into hateful, racist ideology.


An unbelievable example of academic bullshittery…

Decolonizing Light: A Project Exploring Ways to Decolonize Physics
by Ingo Salzmann, Louellyn Whit e, Donna Kahérakwas Goodleaf, and Tanja Tajmel

In 2018, the Government of Canada established The New Frontiers in Research Fund (NFRF) to support high-risk, high-reward and interdisciplinary research. In that framework, we, as a group of non- Indigenous and Indigenous scholars working in fields as different as Physics, First Peoples Studies, Decolonizing Curriculum and Pedagogy, as well as Science and Technology Studies, united to find common ground to explore the decolonization of physics.

[OCS: What has become of Canada where polite individuals with commonsense have turned into rabid political ideologues advancing an agenda based on economy and culture crippling socialism?

In science, especially physics and its language of mathematics, I was taught and continue to believe that there are only “researchers” who are seeking to understand our environment and its guiding principles through theoretical and experimental exploration. That class characteristics or political ideology associated with the researcher were irrelevant to the exploration of nature.

I was unaware that physics could be colonized, a process by which one power extends its reach to dominate surrounding lands and its peoples. If one really wanted to apply the analogy, it could be said that one group of powerful researchers could dominate scientific theories and thought to the exclusion of funding of other non-conforming research. But that ignores the reality that the entire realm of thought could be upset and overturned by one paper that falsified long-held beliefs  as per the scientific method.]

Here, we outline our motivation, our project rationale and concrete plans underlying our NFRF-funded project Decolonizing Light — Tracing and Countering Colonialism in Contemporary Physics, which we will pursue during the next three years.

Decolonization — Why physics, why light?

The aim of our project is exploring approaches to decolonize physics, of both its narratives and contemporary research.1 We decided to focus on physics, as this discipline plays a special role in the field of science due to its unique scientific authority. Physics is commonly regarded as the “most objective” and the “hardest” science, it fundamentally defines scientific key concepts such as energy, matter, force, light, space and time, for all the other sciences. It is the narrative of physics as objective and as socially independent that constitutes and stabilizes its knowledge authority in relation to all other knowledge systems.

[OCS: How do you honestly decolonize something that was never colonized except by using the trickery of changing definitions in a dishonest Orwellian manner? To allow this travesty is to corrupt and delegitimize science. ]

For our purpose, it is important to understand physics as a social field rather than as “pure knowledge” independent from social values and decisions. Physics is more than the laws that describe and predict natural phenomena: it is the overarching field of work with its societal dimension, its history, and the circumstances and purposes of physical knowledge production.

[OCS: Here, I call bullshit and impugn the malignant motives of the authors. Physics is not a social field, and its findings cannot be socialized and corrupted into a political ideology or agenda.]

A current example to be examined through a decolonizing lens is the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on Mauna Kea mountain. Apart from its spiritual significance — in Hawaiian cosmology, Mauna Kea is the origin place of the Hawaiian people — the mountain is ecologically fragile.

Let us ask, what are the decision processes behind such projects?

How are such projects impacting Indigenous realities?

What are the values behind these decisions?

Whose values are privileged?

Decolonizing physics means to train and educate students to ask these questions and to examine them from diverse perspectives. This approach includes research of our own world views, as scientists. To identify “cultivated ignorance”, we will study scientists’ knowledge of and experiences with colonialism, and investigate textbooks and physics curricula, with which we hope to identify relevant blind spots and fill them with critical knowledge.

[OCS: Unbelievable! The first question that needs to be asked is simple – Is this the best site to observe the phenomena being studied, free from extraneous external electromagnetic influences? Secondarily, Is this site accessible and cost-effective to build, maintain, and operate such a facility? While a discussion about the cultural sensibilities surrounding the project’s siting may be desirable, there is no need to empower radical environmentalists and social justice warriors to exploit the issue in the media, run to the courts to stop the project using pre-arranged settlement agreements between activists in the government and activists on the ground, or to extract money or anything else of value from the research community.]

Read more (if you want to brave the academic bafflegab of the corrupt communist bullshitters)

 Bottom line…

In an era where academic freedom is conditioned or restrained by political ideology, I believe it is time to defund those institutions, projects, and principal investigators who churn out meaningless, self-serving academic nonsense as if it somehow advances the understanding of our universe.

I am not calling for censorship but the redirection of precious research funds into more productive avenues of inquiry. I am calling for the curtailment of activists that cut deals with other activists in the government to halt critical projects.

Even communists need non-ideological physics and mathematics to function.

We are so screwed when the progressive communist democrats attempt to empower themselves by injecting their corrupt and malignant ideology into man’s everyday affairs.

-- Steve

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