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Wt-hdrCitizenship test changing to multiple choice

The Biden administration revealed plans Wednesday to rewrite the test to become a U.S. citizen, making it a multiple-choice exam and changing the way applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of English.

In addition to changing the civics part of the test from open-ended answers to multiple choice, officials will ask applicants to study new material to pass, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said in a regulatory filing.

“The naturalization test is a key step in becoming a U.S. citizen,” said Ur M. Jaddou, USCIS’s director. “We welcome input from — and the participation of — stakeholders who are familiar with this important process as we continue to improve and update our naturalization test, ensuring that it is consistent with industry testing standards.”

Ms. Jaddou’s rewrite would be the third test in less than four years. <Source>


Like multiple choice driver’s license tests, it is expected that the tests and their answers will wind up in the hands of immigration activists to be passed to those who are barely literate.

Bottom line…

I find it hard to find something that the Biden Administration has done to help Americans.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is reinstating a task force that is aimed at helping immigrants and refugees integrate into the United States.

The Task Force on New Americans will be run by the Domestic Policy Council and the focus will be workforce training, education and financial access as well as language learning and the health of immigrants who have green cards and other types of legal status, according to the White House.

[OCS: How many times have we heard that “undocumented migrant” is considered to be a legal “status” which is far from a status of being legally within the United States?]

A version of the task force had been in existence off and on since the mid-2000s, most recently under former President Barack Obama before it lapsed under Donald Trump, whose restrictive policies were aimed at allowing as few migrants into the U.S. as possible.

[OCS: Trump’s restrictions were targeted at illegal aliens, criminals, human traffickers, and drug runners – all welcomed under the de facto Obama/Biden open border policy.]

There are several ways immigrants come to the U.S.; as a refugee, through programs that allow temporary legal status for certain migrants arriving from war-torn or nations places destroyed by natural disasters, through visas and then applying for a green card, and at the borders, where they come to ports of entry or cross illegally and ask for asylum.

[OCS: Only to see these individuals given transportation vouchers to the interior of the country where they disappear into sanctuary communities and are shielded from law enforcement.]

Right now, the administration is grappling with increasingly large numbers at the U.S.-Mexico border and a possible surge following the upcoming end of a COVID-era policy that allowed border officials to turn most migrants away. 

[OCS: Most illegal aliens were not screened for COVID or other communicable diseases – many endemic to foreign countries and all but non-existent in the United States.]

And the U.S. cap on refugee admissions is also up again to 125,000 following deep cuts in the previous administration. That number excludes the roughly 180,000 Ukrainians and Afghans who came to the United States through a different path that moves more quickly than the traditional refugee program but only allows for stays of up to two years. <Source>

[OCS: Can you think of a more blatant lie or a slap in the face than the assertion that the “Biden administration plans to retain its goal of receiving up to 125,000 refugees in fiscal year 2023?” Especially when the U.S. Border Patrol reports an average of 2,400 illegal migrant crossings per day in El Paso. <Source>]

We are so screwed.

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