It’s not the radical that is the most dangerous to society…

It appears that one of the biggest threats to our nation is a category of middle-class, college-educated, wine-guzzling white women who seem to have abandoned any semblance of common sense as they indoctrinate their children in the “woke politics” that has them questioning their sexuality and contribution to society.

Openly allowing school systems to teach Critical Race Theory, which posits, but does not prove, that our nation is systemically racist and white people automatically and systemically oppress people of color and those who adopt a different sexual persona. Their children are not taught to share but to give away their toys and dignity to others for no reason other than their skin color.

Demanding that the best and brightest be abandoned in favor of the presumed disadvantaged by dumbing down school curricula, so nobody feels bad when underachieving.

The problem, as I see it, is…

Protest has been socialized as an event or cause for socialization with your peers, to sip wine and virtual signal, to demonstrate allegiance to real-life positions that defy common sense—pointing to the make-believe Pollyanna world of socialism as the means for change while ignoring the hundreds of millions who have died or suffered under socialist regimes.


The GOP refuses to take off the gloves and call a spade a spade. They refuse to loudly criticize and condemn the human rights abuses that have been visited on American citizens – especially in the inner cities where political corruption, crime, and poor school systems exist for all to see. To loudly demand that parents live up to their civic responsibilities and moral obligations to support their children.

To allow identity and sexual politics to interfere with the education of children should be a crime – where administrators and teachers are denied certification for in-school indoctrination instead of education.

It is time to stop giving free passes to those who cannot possibly take advantage of the opportunities offered and return to a more competitive environment. Yes, there will be those who are naturally talented and will rise to the top – something as true for academics as it is for sports. But that is the challenge posed by human nature. 

It’s time to put pampered students in their place as students rather than social warriors holding power over the administrators.

And for the legacy and social media…

It’s time to go beyond acceptance of a single-sided truth and start pointing out propaganda and dishonest media sources.

Bottom line…

Commie mommies vote, and unfortunately, not in the best interests of the nation, their families, and especially their children. It is up to the GOP to provide direction – and if they cannot do this simple nation-affirming task, they should all lose their jobs in favor of a random person on the street.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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