The basics…

(1)    Medicine is part science and part art, where the vagaries of human physiology and physical condition can greatly influence diagnosis, treatment protocols, and outcomes.

(2)    What works for one individual may not work for another. Best practices demand medical treatments be vetted by your personal physician, who knows you, your family history, your present condition, and any confirmatory tests that may be required before starting a treatment protocol.

(3)    Physicians and Nurse Practitioners cannot know everything and should have reliable sources of information to inform their diagnoses and treatment protocols.

(4)    Competence is not measured by physical appearance, a pleasant personality, or the ability to speak convincingly with forceful certitude and assurance.

(5)    Credentials or even experience is not an indicator of competence. Competence is measured by outcomes, bearing in mind that certain medical practitioners in specialties dealing with critically ill or terminal patients may require different metrics from those who practice family medicine.

(6)    Emergency medical care is designed to stabilize that patient, so they can be handed off to other health practitioners for additional care.

(7)    Healthcare professionals may not operate with the best interests of their patients in mind but may be bound by the rules and regulations of their practice or the facility within which they practice.

(8)    Misinformation is false, misleading, or out-of-context content shared without the intent to deceive.

(9)    Disinformation is purposefully false or misleading content shared with an intent to deceive and cause harm.

(10)  The greatest source of medical disinformation may come from the government, credentialed practitioners, prestigious institutions, and non-governmental organizations influenced by financial incentives or political ideology.

(11)   Beware of medical professionals who are providing information on subject matters outside the scope of their specialty and practice.

YouTube plans to fight healthcare misinformation and disinformation with a certification program…

Creators who plan to offer healthcare commentary on YouTube must be certified and follows guidelines set by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies, the National Academy of Medicine, and the World Health Organization.

Of course, the progressive communist democrats on YouTube appear to be purposely ignoring the fact that the greatest sources of health-related misinformation and disinformation are the government and credentialed medical personnel.

In the case of the global pandemic, we saw the Communist Chinese government, the probable source of the SARS-CoV-2 from a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, openly lie about the threat, allowing the virus to spread globally, and subvert the World Health Organization whose communist leader, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, was in debt to the Chinese government.

Closer to home, we saw Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, lie and dissemble over the financing of “gain of function” grants that led to the deadly research that created the virus.

Beware, YouTube’s stamp of approval or certification is worthless… 

Introducing new ways to help you find answers to your health questions

At YouTube, we’re working to make it easier for people to find authoritative information to help answer their questions, and we’re putting health professionals at the core of our efforts to connect people with helpful content. I’ve spent my career trying to advance the ways that we can better reach people with the information they need to make the right health choices for themselves and their families, and I’ve had a front row seat as our approaches evolved from pamphlets handed out at doctor’s offices to online patient portals and telemedicine.

YouTube will now let medical professionals apply for additional verification.

Information panels providing health source context

When you watch a YouTube video on a health-related topic, you may notice an information panel providing context on the source underneath the video. This panel is meant to give you more info to help you better understand the sources of health content that you find and watch on YouTube.

To identify which health sources are eligible for this feature, we started in the United States by using a set of principles and definitions developed by a panel of experts convened by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), and reviewed by the American Public Health Association (APHA). NAM is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that brings together top experts in health, medicine, and biomedical science to provide unbiased, evidence-based guidance about health and science. APHA is a professional association of public health practitioners that advocates for public health issues and policies backed by science.

As we expand outside of the United States, we’re referencing the work done by the World Health Organization (WHO), to inform global use of these principles. The WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. We may also reference work done by other agencies, such as in the UK.

In July 2021, the expert panel convened by NAM published foundational principles that can be used to guide identification of potentially credible online health sources in a paper called Identifying Credible Sources of Health Information in Social Media: Principles and Attributes. The WHO and NAM recently convened a meeting of interdisciplinary experts from around the world to review and validate these principles for global application. The principles for authoritative health sources in these papers include that sources should be science-based, objective, transparent, and accountable.

As we begin to adopt principles for authoritative health sources, we are starting with organizations with pre-existing, standardized vetting mechanisms such as:

Healthcare organizations
Educational institutions
Public health departments
Government organizations

Vetting mechanisms include accreditation, academic journal indexing, and government accountability rules. 

Censorship is everywhere…

Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation

The Department of Homeland Security is quietly broadening its efforts to curb speech it considers dangerous, an investigation by The Intercept has found. Years of internal DHS memos, emails, and documents — obtained via leaks and an ongoing lawsuit, as well as public documents — illustrate an expansive effort by the agency to influence tech platforms.

The work, much of which remains unknown to the American public, came into clearer view earlier this year when DHS announced a new “Disinformation Governance Board”: a panel designed to police misinformation (false information spread unintentionally), disinformation (false information spread intentionally), and malinformation (factual information shared, typically out of context, with harmful intent) that allegedly threatens U.S. interests. While the board was widely ridiculed, immediately scaled back, and then shut down within a few months, other initiatives are underway as DHS pivots to monitoring social media now that its original mandate — the war on terror — has been wound down. <Read More>

Who can you believe?

Finland Exposes Massive Covid Reporting Scandal: Nearly 40% of 'Covid Deaths' Were Fraudulent

Finland has become one of the first countries to uncover evidence that state agencies around the world committed fraud in their Covid deaths reporting during the pandemic.

The blockbuster report sheds light on how public health agencies around the world overhyped 'Covid-related deaths' in order to drive mass hysteria.

According to Sirkka Goebeler, chief specialist at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Covid-19 has not been the actual cause of death in up to 40 percent of fatalities attributed to the illness in Finland. As a result, they will not end up in Statistics Finland's official data as coronavirus deaths.

As the Finnish report states, "Goebeler's unit examines all Finnish death certificates before they are forwarded to the state statistics bureau. The unit focuses on coronavirus-related death certificates where the attending physician has listed Covid as either the primary or a contributing cause of death."

"The THL tally of Covid-related deaths stood at 6,407 on Tuesday – but that figure includes all deaths that have occurred within 30 days of a positive coronavirus test," the report continued. "According to Goebeler, in nearly 4,000 of these cases, Covid is listed as the primary or immediate cause of death. In almost 1,600 cases, coronavirus is listed as a contributing factor."

"In approximately 900 cases initially recorded as Covid-related deaths, the actual death certificates do not contain any indication of coronavirus infection at all," the report added.

The Finnish report further substantiates the complaints of statistical analysts and public health experts that there was a failure to differentiate between deaths from Covid and deaths with Covid during the pandemic. There is evidence that in the United States, the conflation was deliberate in order to drive and perpetuate a state of public alarm,<Source>

Let us not forget Medical facilities were financially incentivized to classify admissions and deaths as COIVD-related by additional reimbursements. Even more, if the patient was intubated and on a respirator.

Bottom line…

Until the government entered a public-private relationship with the social media platform operators to censor information that did not support the regime’s narrative and to cancel dissident sources of information,  YouTube contained some of the most egregious medical advice targeted at those suffering from debilitating conditions and offering relief by purchasing expensive supplements with only trace amounts of active therapeutic drugs.

Now we see full-blown governmental censorship as they try to bypass the Constitution’s First Amendment protections on free speech by deputizing or coercing private companies.  And YouTube appears to be willing to support the regime’s narrative and announcers.

Creators looking to escape YouTube censorship, consider as a growing free speech platform.

We are so screwed.

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