Speaking at an IBM facility in Poughkeepsie, New York, President Joe Biden remarked…

More is going to change for the better in the next 10 years than happened in the last 40 years.  We’re at an inflection point in world history where the changes that are going to take place in the next 10 are going to fundamentally alter the way in which we look at the world and our place in the world.  And that’s not hyperbole.  It’s real.”

[OCS: I can just imagine President Biden adding, “c’mon man, that’s not a lie,” as he lies through his false teeth,]

Considering we are on a downward spiral where things are getting worse, I call bullshit!

As for that inflection point in world history, we are seeing a world increasingly overseen by a network of loosely allied oligarchs and dictators spread across the globe. These individuals care nothing about humanity or even the people in their dominion. The best than can be said for them is they are the product of human nature, where evildoers will do what’s best for them at any given moment without care or concern for others.

They have created an environment where people do not acknowledge their debt to their country, live lives of purposelessness, are filled with formless rage, are tethered to their electronic devices, search for identity, and seek an enemy to blame for their present condition and lack of achievement.

Individuals who ignore the founding principles that made America great – and the most prosperous country in modern history. Individuals who lack common sense and the ability to think beyond their immediate tribe. Individuals who are easily led by anyone with a modicum of charisma and who speak with a reassuring degree of certainty.

We must open our eyes and see that our nation can no longer survive with a corrupt political class that creates its own chaos and crises, amplified by the media’s propagandists, to promote their self-serving and toxic agenda.

Americans are rapidly joining mobs – to feel a sense of belonging, relieve boredom, be entertained, and seek companionship, if not friendship. That the mob acts irrationally or destructively is secondary to their membership in the tribe, even for the few moments they can memorialize with a “selfie.”

They do not realize that the elites are not of the people as they are isolated and insulated from the same sacrifices, behavior, and actions they demand of others.

They do not realize that the wounds we are suffering are self-inflicted, so our elites can offer a solution to alleviate our suffering. At the cost of our freedom and labor, of course.

Amazingly, when things turn sour, these individuals are more likely to believe it’s their fault rather than the corrupt leaders they have chosen. They believe in the myth that good people govern America for good people. One need only consider “due process” and the difference between equal protection for the rich and poor. The useful idiots still wrongly believe that justice generally prevails. They never realize that the elites have subverted the justice system in favor of their fellow elites.

Our biggest enemies are not the corrupt politicians but the knee-jerk politically correct individuals who don’t see what is before their very eyes. They continue to pay confiscatory amounts into a system that redistributes billions and billions in taxpayer subsidies to already wealthy individuals and organizations.

Can it be reversed?

I don’t know. I know that nobody has successfully altered the fundamental dynamics of human nature over the preceding millennia. Yes, behavioral scientists have taught politicians to use positive and negative incentives to urge people toward a preferred decision path. Still, they can’t alter the fundamental nature of good and evil.

Foreign nations and special interests have bought enough politicians and infiltrated enough institutions and organizations to make reform impossible without some form of uprising.

Bottom line…

A good start would be to recognize the political class as fundamentally evil and the elite class as fundamentally transactional and venal. We need to start taking back our law enforcement and judicial institutions at the local level and working upward to state legislatures who may breathe new life into the Tenth Amendment and curtail the federal government’s power to their original constitutionally-enumerated powers.

If begun now, a task will exceed my lifetime and perhaps another two to three generations.

Let’s start by removing the power from progressive communist democrats in the 2022 mid-term elections.

All I am sure of now is that we are presently screwed.

-- Steve


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