In a last-ditch attempt to keep documents damaging to Democrats from being subpoenaed by a GOP-majority committee, the progressive communist democrats lock them away using the excuse of an ongoing investigation…

DOJ-HDRAppointment of a Special Counsel

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland announced the appointment of former career Justice Department prosecutor and former chief prosecutor for the special court in The Hague, Jack Smith, to serve as Special Counsel to oversee two ongoing criminal investigations.

The first is the investigation, as described in court filings in the District of Columbia, into whether any person or entity unlawfully interfered with the transfer of power following the 2020 presidential election or the certification of the Electoral College vote held on or about January 6, 2021.

The second is the ongoing investigation involving classified documents and other presidential records, as well as the possible obstruction of that investigation, referenced and described in court filings submitted in a pending matter in the Southern District of Florida.

“Based on recent developments, including the former President’s announcement that he is a candidate for President in the next election, and the sitting President’s stated intention to be a candidate as well, I have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint a special counsel,” said Attorney General Garland. “Such an appointment underscores the Department’s commitment to both independence and accountability in particularly sensitive matters. It also allows prosecutors and agents to continue their work expeditiously, and to make decisions indisputably guided only by the facts and the law.”

The Attorney General also stated, “Although the Special Counsel will not be subject to the day-to-day supervision of any official of the Department, he must comply with the regulations, procedures, and policies of the Department. I will ensure that the Special Counsel receives the resources to conduct this work quickly and completely. Given the work done to date and Mr. Smith’s prosecutorial experience, I am confident that this appointment will not slow the completion of these investigations. The men and women who are pursuing these investigations are conducting themselves in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism. I could not be prouder of them. I strongly believe that the normal processes of this Department can handle all investigations with integrity. And I also believe that appointing a Special Counsel at this time is the right thing to do. The extraordinary circumstances presented here demand it. Mr. Smith is the right choice to complete these matters in an even-handed and urgent manner.” <Source>

My thoughts…

(1)  The Presidential Records Act is an administrative act without criminal consequences. To criminalize the matter is to use the process as a punishment and a distraction that will negatively impact all involved, especially since they will have to hire expensive representation.

(2)  As we have seen with the prolonged investigation of electoral procedures by the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, the Committee refused to investigate the negligence of the top-ranking congressional officials who failed to protect the capitol complex, investigate the abuse of force complaint surrounding the death of Ashley Babbitt, the existence of prior knowledge of the threat, or examine the possibility of a staged false flag operation by the FBI – similar to a pattern and practice of the Bureau.

(3)  It appears that the primary reason for the Special Counsel is to deny any House or Senate Committee with a GOP Chair and majority representation from accessing government records by claiming there is an active ongoing investigation in progress. Further delaying the proceedings beyond the statute of limitations where individuals could be held criminally liable for their actions.

(4)  It appears that the secondary reason for the Special Counsel is to disadvantage Donald Trump and any potential mega-donors in the upcoming 2024 presidential cycle.

(5)  As for Attorney General Merrick Garland’s assertion that he strongly believes that the normal processes of the Department of Justice can handle all investigations with integrity, I call bullshit! One need only look at the DOJ’s misconduct in prosecuting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the mishandling of classified State Department Documents, the failure of the Department of Justice to investigate high crimes and misdemeanors associated with selling access to the Office of the Vice President and President, the internal corruption within the Department of Justice concerning the bogus Trump/Russia hoax, the investigation of the alleged DNC leak and the murder of Seth Rich, and the abject corruption of the last Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Bottom line…

It appears that Donald Trump is the most investigated political candidate of all time, with the Democrats stepping over the line into criminal behavior to keep Trump from office and then interfering with the procedures of Trump’s Administration.

We are well and truly screwed by corruption at all levels of our government.

This is the face of tyranny!

-- Steve

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