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FlaggunWhen I was young, my parents were Democrats. I knew and supported many of the more prominent Democrats of the time. It was a time when the word Democrat wasn’t a pejorative, and even if they were left of center, they supported the working man and middle class. I had no experience with racial matters and knew little or nothing about the racist origins of the Democrat Party or how they fought against the civil rights movement.

Today it is quite different.

Both parties are corrupt and promote candidates who are professional politicians whose focus is on their narrow self-interests and political power – caring little about their constituency or the nation they purport to serve.

But, all things considered, the Democrats are the party of death, decay, and destruction. They fight to kill babies in the womb, even up to or after the point of viability. They say nothing about the billions of dollars pumped into decaying inner cities with few tangible results for the residents. They continue to destroy the nation from within by implementing insane domestic policies that reverse growth and promote economic death.

And they continue to disparage the law enforcement that keeps you safe and fight against your right of self-protection, namely the right to bear arms.

Perhaps the most egregious example of a corrupt, racist Democrat can be found in James Clyburn (D-SC), a powerful (Democrat Majority Whip) member of the House of Representatives.

In his own words,...

Speaking with Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation, we hear Clyburn say ...

“Just because it’s legal does not make it the right thing. I tell people all the time, the institution of slavery was legal, but it was not right. Just because they purchased these weapons legally does not mean that’s what the law ought to be. We need to change these laws.”

“Unfortunately, I’m going to be here in my district on Wednesday, speaking at the funeral service of one of those young football players from the University of Virginia who died at the hands of the weapon that was, from all indications, legally purchased. That’s not the problem. Chesapeake, Virginia, that gun was purchased legally the morning of the event. We have to visit these laws and do what’s necessary to keep these guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.”

“We need to sit down in a bipartisan way and say, look, what can we do to protect the public. Nobody wants to take anybody’s guns away. Your second amendment is there to protect everybody. But so is the First Amendment, but there’s not unfettered...” <Full Transcript>

A few observations...

(1)  Your right to self-defense is inalienable,  meaning the government does not confer it, nor can it be denied, surrendered, or taken away.

(2)  Existing laws involving firearms are not fully enforced, especially in Democrat-controlled jurisdictions where serious criminal acts involving weapons are often plea-bargained away to secure a guaranteed conviction rather than engage in a court battle or to protect the privileged elites. In this instance, the gun appears to have been legally purchased -- but by an individual previously convicted of possessing a concealed firearm without a license in 2021 and received a suspended sentence.  

University of Virginia shooting suspect bought two guns after failing background check last year

A former student athlete accused of fatally shooting three University of Virginia football players was able to legally buy two guns after failing a background check last year and trying to get a handgun while underage four years ago, according to the gun shop that sold him the firearms.

Christopher Darnell Jones bought a Ruger AR-556 rifle in February and a Glock 45 9 mm with an additional magazine in July from Dance’s Sporting Goods in Colonial Heights, Va., store owner Marlon Dance told CNN, noting that there was “nothing noteworthy” about the sales.

Jones tried to buy weapons in the store twice before, the shop detailed in a statement. On July 8, 2021, he wanted to get Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 — a .22-caliber rifle — but failed a background check due to a pending criminal charge, the store said. The felony charge was later “reduced to a misdemeanor by the court in October 2021, thereby removing the prohibition against future purchases,” police said.

The former football player was also turned away in 2018, when he tried to buy a handgun despite being under the age of 21.

“Jones DID NOT receive either of the firearms he attempted to purchase, and both attempted purchases were forwarded to the Virginia State Police for further action,” Dance’s Sporting Goods said. <Source>

In 2020, Jones was charged for felony fleeing the scene of an accident for a crash that occurred in Petersburg. The charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor, and Jones pleaded no contest and received a 12-month suspended sentence.

A Chesterfield County police officer stopped Jones while he was driving in February 2021 because the tags on his vehicle were not on file and discovered during a search that Jones had a stolen firearm in his waistband, according to a police report.

Jones told police he “paid $500” for the gun, according to the report. Jones told the officer he wanted the gun for protection for his family because he had lost two of his brothers. Family members did not respond to requests for comment about that statement.

Jones was convicted of possessing a concealed firearm without a license later in 2021 and again received a suspended sentence. <Source>

(3)  You cannot rely on the police to protect you as police have no legally binding affirmative duty to protect a citizen unless they are public officials or in police custody. Logistically speaking, they cannot be everywhere they are needed when they are required. Police generally exist to protect the general peace and order in a community, protect public officials, investigate crimes after the fact, and apprehend apparent lawbreakers. A police officer minutes away is useless to someone when seconds count.

(4)  The minority community commits a disproportionate number of crimes within their community and against their class of people. This is reality, not the phony baloney of racist disparate impact. Of course, politicians want to protect and pander to this large voting bloc -- they care about votes, not the community.

Bottom line...

Politicians like the race-hustling Clyburn, who has supported spending $3,270,421,390,000 in taxpayer funds, need to be held accountable for his corrupt actions. 

Instead of attacking your right to self-defense and the Second Amendment, perhaps Democrats should concentrate on using the gun-related firearms laws on the books and demand that District Attorneys prosecute rather than plea bargain away serious charges. 

We are so screwed as murder rates increase and Democrats refuse to prosecute, weaken the prosecution, release hardened career criminals into our communities, and favor criminals over victims.


-- Steve


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