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Yesterday’s email brought an unpleasant reminder of the increasing fragility of California’s infrastructure…


Hello Spectrum Customer,

Due to the potential of spreading wildfires, commercial power providers may shut off electricity as a safety measure. These blackouts could affect Spectrum service in your area.

It’s possible that your address may have electricity, but the equipment that delivers our service to you may be located in a blackout area.

To help you stay connected, Spectrum TV customers can enjoy many programming options by downloading our Spectrum TV App. Spectrum Internet customers can access WiFi access points nationwide. Find one near you.

Get service updates, outage information and other helpful resources at

If a state of emergency is declared in your area, please visit for information on state/federal assistance and your rights as a consumer.

Thank you for choosing Spectrum,

Spectrum Support Team

Please do not reply to this message. Replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox. If we can be of further assistance, please visit Spectrum support.

As we experience high “Santa Winds,” I am reminded that our utility companies, regulated by a hyper-politicized and corrupt Public Utilities Commission, refuse to perform the voluntary repairs, replacements, and build-outs that might impact their bottom line. They would rather inconvenience their users than risk another billion-dollar fire or significant gas leak.

It is time to harden our electrical, natural gas, and water grids.

Bottom line…

My greatest fear is that California will serve as a model for this great nation. A model in which our nation's remaining functioning cities will become like socialist San Francisco and Santa Monica -- morphing from local gems into cesspools of political dysfunction.

We are so screwed as our political leadership schemes to stay in power by using public funds and policies to buy votes rather than serve its constituency. 

-- Steve

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