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Once again, I am deeply disappointed in Scientific American for allowing its pages to be co-opted by the progressive communist democrats who want to destroy America from within by racializing our culture to bring about a change in our political system from extraordinarily beneficial capitalism to the extremely destructive communism they seem to favor.


Why Scientists Must Stand for Affirmative Action and against Scientific Racism

The Supreme Court could destroy affirmative action in higher education, and STEM professionals must stand against the white supremacy and scientific racism that fuels arguments against it

A contemporary argument against affirmative action is that society has now reached a post-racism state in which racial differences in achievement can be attributed to personal failures: some people don’t have the innate ability to succeed, or they just need to try harder.

[OCS: Fact: Affirmative action is the despicable political practice of advantaging some individuals while disadvantaging others in an attempt to gain or maintain political power by pandering to a particular minority segment of the population.

Regarding education, it is a fact dictated by human nature that some individuals, regardless of race, religion, or whatever, do not have the desire or ability to pursue the career of their choice. No matter how much wishing occurs, a 5’ 9” individual cannot become a power forward on a professional basketball team – and it would be wrong to believe the government should intervene with a mandate that short individuals be included on a team in the name of diversity.

If one does not qualify for enrollment in a particular school, so be it! It is another sorry fact that some of the most prestigious institutions want to create artificially high rejection rates as a marketing ploy to boost their own prestige and ability to attract big-money students or endowed scholarships.]

In the context of persistent educational inequality among socially-defined races, these arguments invoke “scientific” racism, or centuries-old myths such as that people with darker skin are biologically less intelligent, which has no actual scientific basis. In addition to the fact that humans do not have biological races, this argument also discounts the myriad ways in which slavery, colonialism, genocide and racial and ethnic discrimination have led to well-documented and persistent economic and social consequences for nonwhite people.

[OCS: A convenient argument posed by racists and race-baiters and often used by those wishing to gain or maintain political power.]

As scientists, we need to improve the public’s understanding of systemic racism as an unjust social, political and legal power structure, as well as that there are no innate “deficiencies” in nonwhite people. Clearly, we will need more than 25 years to achieve such a goal.

[OCS: No! Regarding academic achievement, systemic racism is a canard used as a political argument. As a scientist, you need to do honest science or teach science principles to those willing and capable of profiting from such instruction. There should be no professional mandate to engage in political ideologies or culture wars within the profession.]

Campus and admissions policies tailored to white students reinforce racial hierarchies and maintain the supremacist ideology that initially prevented Black and brown students from participating in higher education programs in significant numbers. We must center Black and brown students in educational law and policy to maintain and strengthen the original tenets of affirmative action, in addition to upholding it as status quo.

[OCS: I call bullshit! The same could be said about the exclusions faced by Jews. Asians and other demonstrably high-achieving students who are being denied admission because of race or religious reasons, or the lack of a seat because it is occupied by a favored class or subpar legacy admit.]

People fighting against affirmative action in admissions have long used scientific racism as their justification to end it.

[OCS: No! People fighting against affirmative action realize that it is still racism – no matter how noble someone's intentions might seem.]


Bottom line…

There are numerous paths to becoming a scientist for those motivated to seek them. And, if one were intellectually honest, perhaps one would call for a reduction in academic and administrative salaries, perks, and privileges and use those funds to enlarge enrollment. Demand a percentage of endowment funds be used for instruction. Or possibly demand attendance at a STEM prep academy to screen for those qualified to benefit from advanced training.

I see no race-based criteria at community colleges that would inhibit exceptional or even capable students from learning STEM-related subjects and transferring to a school of their choice – especially since the first two years of most undergraduate courses are about a generic curriculum that prepares students for upper division specialization and graduate school.

We are so screwed when we ignore human nature and facts and engage in race-baiting.


-- Steve

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