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Julia Brownley -- part of the problem, not the solution...

Congresswoman Julia Brownley, endorsed by the usual progressive communist democrat suspects, is trying to smear her opponent by claiming Matt Jacobs, a former federal prosecutor who knows the law, "believes that the Supreme Court correctly decided Roe v. Wade."

This clearly demonstrates that Brownley is corrupt, ignorant, and parrots the Democrat's "kill the babies" narrative.

(1) Roe v. Wade was improperly decided the first time as there is no constitutional right to have an abortion or have that abortion funded by a mandate in the enumerated powers that limit the federal government's powers.

(2) More appropriately, the issue belongs either to the State or "We the People."

(3) The Supreme Court has made bad decisions in the past, and it is up to the court to correct these misguided rulings. Jacobs agrees with the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade as constitutionally sound.

(4) Brownley is little more than a Pelosi stooge.


Jacobs, 38, is the grandson of Holocaust survivors. He was born and raised in Thousand Oaks and now lives in Westlake Village. He spent more than six years as a federal prosecutor in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, part of it working on anti-terrorism cases, including an al-Qaeda operative convicted of being part of a 2003 Afghanistan attack that killed two U.S. servicemen.

He's supported by Republicans, including House party leader Kevin McCarthy and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. He characterized Brownley as "far left," targeting a voting record that has consistently been in sync with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"We’ve been represented by someone who literally votes 100% of the time with her leadership," he said. <Source>  


Brownley's endorsements include the California Labor Federation, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and the California Teachers Association. She characterized herself as a moderate who votes for her district's best interests. She said she votes in sync with party leaders because she shares many of their values.

"I think calling me a liberal is what he wants people to believe," she said. <Source>

She is not a liberal but a full-blown radical progressive communist democrat and Pelosi stooge.

Bottom line...

I did not vote for Brownley, and I respectfully suggest you do the same!

-- Steve

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