Kabuki theater?

Will the John Durham investigation of the most pervasive and damaging political interference in a presidential campaign and subsequent presidency turn out to be another meaningless Mueller-style whitewash of significant criminal wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton and agencies of the United States government?

From the Durham prosecution team’s opening statement…

The evidence in this trial will show that the Steele dossier would cause the FBI to engage in troubling conduct that would ultimately result in the extended surveillance of the United States citizens.

This statement, in and of itself, is deeply troubling.

One, because the Steele dossier was known to be a partisan politically-generated document whose allegations could not be directly corroborated; two, because it was the duty of the FBI to vet the source and the allegations before taking action; three, because it did not cause the FBI to engage in troubling conduct – it was all on them; four, because the conduct went past troubling to grossly criminal behavior and the persecution of American citizens without due process; and five, the misuse of government resources and lying to a secret Court designed to protect the civil rights of individual citizens all constitute criminal action that demands severe punishment.

Bottom line…

I now have severe doubts that Durham’s investigation will adequately address the complicity of private and public individuals interfering with a presidential election and, subsequently, interfering with the activities of the Office of the President of the United States.

As for those Inspectors General who are running around – they have no subpoena power and cannot convene a grand jury, they cannot go beyond the bounds of their department to deal with conspiracies to commit crimes, they cannot take action against employees who have retired or quit, and they can only make prosecution recommendations to the Department of Justice, which is presently as corrupt as the FBI.

From what I have seen, we are screwed, as the cover-up may have succeeded.

-- Steve

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