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As election day draws near and races tighten, leave it to liar, leaker Adam Schiff (D-CA) to trot out the old Democrat bogeyman – the GOP wants to kill Medicare and Social Security. A traditional senior citizen scare tactic as venerable as the “throwing granny off the cliff” meme.



Let’s make this plain, Stephen. Social Security and Medicare are on the GOP’s chopping block.

The Washington Post just reported that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is prepared to cut Medicare and Social Security if Republicans win the majority. He is even threatening to hold the US economy hostage and default on our national debt by refusing to raise the debt ceiling in order to get the cuts he wants to these critical programs.

[OCS: The Washington Post, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, is a bastion of progressive communist democrat propaganda, colloquially known as “fake news.” Considering the profligate and wasteful spending of the Democrats and the nearly trillion dollars in unspent budgeted amounts, raising the spending cap to support more uncontrolled spending during inflationary times is not only foolish but dangerous. Congress should be reducing spending and prioritizing needs in an inflationary period that is rapidly leading to a recession -- most likely to turn into a depression.]

Such a default alone would trigger a global economic meltdown and could very well start another depression.

[OCS: It is the Democrats who are bankrupting the system with their extravagant and wasteful spending and the outright theft of Medicare funds to fund Obamacare and its primary offering, Medicaid. If anything, the progressive communist democrats will do anything to eliminate Medicare in favor of a single-payer system where everyone is entitled to Medicaid-like offerings – where bureaucrats decide treatments, reimbursements, and use delay and denial as de facto healthcare rationing.]

All so that Republicans can cut Medicare and the Social Security checks that Americans have earned. Just to provide a return on investment to the GOP’s billionaire campaign donors. They simply don’t care if it means that seniors will struggle even more to get by.

[OCS: Truth be told, the Democrats have abandoned working and middle-class Americans and have become the party of billionaires and special interests living off the taxpayer’s labor.]

Republicans only threaten to default on our debt when there is a Democratic president. Congress raised the debt ceiling three times during the Trump administration.

[OCS: We have never truly defaulted on our debt as it would cause global chaos and panic. Congress was coerced into raising the debt ceiling to avoid the poor political optics of a government shutdown. Remember, essential services are still available during a shutdown, and the government shuts down two days weekly.]

Republicans passed a tax scam in the dead of night with corporate lobbyists literally writing the amendments. Lindsey Graham told a reporter the financial contributions would stop if they didn’t pass it.

[OCS: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has killed most of the amendments offered by Members, especially those arising from GOP sources. Almost all legislation is written by special interests, as the Members of Congress are too stupid or lazy to do the research and heavy lifting. Even worse, they write legislative outlines and outsource law-making to the Executive Branch agencies to craft laws using administrative rules and regulations. Lindsey Graham is an aisle-hopping schmuck whose word is worthless.]

The national debt climbed to $7 trillion.

[OCS: And the progressive communist democrats want to spend even more – enough to collapse our capitalist system in favor of an authoritarian rule to benefit the wealthy, politically-connected elites who own Congress. $7 trillion is unthinkable, and its growth rate is unsustainable. The very last reason for supporting Democrats.]

Republicans love to play politics when it suits them, but the fact of the matter is that their economic plans have brought nothing but catastrophe.

[OCS: Classic projection – it is the Democrats whose “economic plans have brought nothing but catastrophe.”

We can’t let Kevin McCarthy lay a finger on our Medicare and Social Security — these programs must be protected. We can’t let McCarthy become Speaker.

[OCS: The nation may not be able to survive another two years of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff without a GOP check and balance to their corrupt and criminal actions.]

Please, Stephen, chip in $10 or whatever you can spare today to fight back against McCarthy’s threat to default on the nation’s debt, to protect our House majority, and to protect Medicare and Social Security.


— Adam

Bottom line…

All I know at this point is that progressive communist democrats are at the root of all of our nation’s problems.

You cannot continue the out-of-control massive spending, overly-generous welfare programs with government handouts that incentivize people to stay at home, open borders with indigent, low-skill illegal aliens pouring over the border, corporate welfare subsidies that pick winners and losers in a collapsing energy sector that is artificially constrained, and a monetary policy managed by politics not supply-side economics, and trillion-dollar wars that subsidizes the military-industrial complex. Not to mention a criminal justice system that favors criminals over victims.

But it is a crap shoot whether or not Republicans have the political will to make the hard choices to reform a broken system and implement corrective actions.

Hence, I will vote Republican over Democrat to staunch the money freely flowing into a failing system.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve


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