Statewide California propositions are usually political smoke and mirrors…

Propositions in California are often deceptively titled and portray a positive voter-friendly description, while the gotchas and loopholes are hidden in the dense text of the actual proposition. The propositions are strictly controlled by the progressive communist democrats in this one-party state.

Therefore, my policy is to examine each of the propositions to look at the premise as well as the supporters. Of course, in the final analysis, it is the taxpayer who will be screwed – either by higher taxes or upcharges to goods and services passed along to consumers by those organizations being taxed.

Here are my choices -- not one damn dime!

Prop-block-1 Prop-4
My blog, my opinion...

Proposition 1 is little more that an unrestrictive abortion initiative that allows abortions up until the time of birth -- killing a viable child in the birth canal even if the baby is healthy and the mother’s health is not threatened or worse. This is infanticide. Current California law already guarantees a woman’s right to choose, making this extreme and costly proposal unnecessary.

Propositions 26 and 27 are gambling initiatives that do little or nothing for California citizens. As we have seen with the Lotto, educational institutions reduce their budgets by the monies received or spend the fungible dollars for capital projects, ongoing personnel costs, and their underfunded pension funds. These propositions are funded by out-of-state gambling corporations to legalize a massive expansion of online and mobile sports gambling.

Proposition 28 money does not flow to the classrooms, it benefits administrators and teachers.

Proposition 29 sounds great until you realize it is a push by the progressive communist democrat SEIU (Service Employees International Union) to unionize clinic workers.

Proposition 30 is another useless "millionaire's" tax for climate change and green energy. It does not provide the forest management needed to curtail wildfires, nor does it demand utilities move dangerous high-tension lines underground. This is why the wealthy are moving out of California, relocating companies, and avoiding taxes with foreign corporations in tax-free domiciles like Nevada, Texas, Florida, etc.

Proposition 31 is a sham to further regulate a now-legal product. Minors under 21 are already excluded from purchasing tobacco products. This is a crime-inducing proposition that will support further black market activities. 

Bottom line…

It’s your money, your life, and your future – choose wisely.

As with all things political, we are so screwed.

-- Steve

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