I found this headline disturbing, “Unexpectedly, the USAF Finds Itself With a Critical Shortage of Pilots While It Says It Has Too Many White Officers”…

It is a fact that our military has been decimated by the progressive communist democrats who are attempting to destroy America from within. And using race and sex to weaken America’s fighting forces. Demanding the military leadership focus on race- and sex-based affirmative action than on improving our lethality and mission superiority. Many pilots are aging-out or can’t put up with the political bullshit that keeps them from completing their mission.

86% of Air Force pilots are white men. Here’s why this needs to change. – Major General. Ed Thomas, Commander USAF Recruiting Service

The tragic death of George Floyd and recent events have fueled widespread protests and a renewed call for racial equality nationwide. Amid this, our country has been compelled to reflect on issues that are often uncomfortable, and leaders have been driven to examine their organizations in ways like never before. The Air Force, in many ways, is no different. But as a war-fighting organization we cannot afford to squander this moment, because our future — and national security — depends on it.

[OCS: George Floyd was a thug, a career criminal who died of a Fentanyl overdose and was turned into a martyr by race-baiting activists, agitators, and the media. As a war-fighting organization, it is not about squandering the moment but falling prey to those seeking to weaken our U.S. military and destroy the United States from within. Primarily by substituting race in place of communist class warfare.]

Pursuing equality means we must be sure that we are attracting the most capable members of our society, from all races and walks of life, as we prepare for the next fight. This fighting force should be highly capable while reflecting the diversity of the country we serve.

[OCS: That our “fighting force should be highly capable while reflecting the diversity of the country we serve” is pure racial bullshit. The fighting force should be well-trained, lethal, and capable of pursuing the mission regardless of its composition. Relaxing recruiting standards to accommodate race and sex is a prescription for failure. All should be welcome to compete for the available slots – may the best person win the position.]

Before I even took command of my service’s recruiting efforts this spring, Air Force leadership made it clear to me that improving diversity would be on the top of my to-do list. And recent national events only serve as an accelerant as we take aim and tackle this vexing issue.

[OCS: This is the hierarchal military, and one can easily imagine how this “suggestion” turned into an “order” with percentage goals and tacit recruiting quotas.]

Pentagon leaders didn’t need to explain the why, although Gen. David Goldfein, our former chief of staff, did that in calling diversity “a war-fighting imperative.” It’s been clear for some time that our progress in better reflecting the society we serve has been too slow.

[OCS: Diversity is not a war-fighting imperative, it is another needless obstacle in a mad world that puts soldiers at risk by restrictive rules of engagement that favor the enemy over our fighting force. Hiding behind women, children, and non-combatants should not bring propaganda victories for our enemies, but scorn and outrage directed at those trying to kill their own people.]

We simply can no longer afford for significant segments of our society to be underrepresented in our U.S. Air Force or our newest branch, the U.S. Space Force.

[OCS: By significant segments, he means race and sex. How long before we see a black transsexual lesbian on a recruiting poster standing in front of an F-35?]

To be clear, the Air and Space Forces are not setting quotas based on race or gender. We will, however, focus intensely and concentrate our efforts in traditionally underserved communities. It wouldn’t be legal or productive to hold recruiters accountable for bringing in a certain number of recruits from various demographic groups. But if we see that we’re not hitting recruiting targets that mirror the qualified population in those categories, we will adjust to concentrate on areas where we can get a more representative balance in our applicant pool. To use a fishing analogy, recruiters must not only cast a wide net but ensure we are spending time in the right fishing holes.

And by measuring those targets, we’ll employ the old management axiom that what gets measured gets done. And we’ll get it done.

[OCS: Measurement implies targets, quotas, and extra effort to satisfy the orders of “woke” military leaders kissing the ass of politicians to keep their jobs or advance in rank.]

While we are meeting or exceeding nearly all demographic targets in our enlisted ranks, inside our cockpits is where we have the greatest disparities and opportunities for improvement. In all, 86 percent of our aviators are white males. Less than 3 percent of our fighter pilots are females. This is why we established a detachment within Air Force recruiting two years ago charged with improving diversity for those who wear flight suits. The mission of Detachment 1 is to bring a singular focus to recruiting qualified women and minorities who have not always felt they belonged.

[OCS: It’s not about feelings, it’s about performance. There are superb minority aviators, so what? We want more superb aviators regardless of their intersectional class status.]


Pilot shortage?

Unvaccinated Air Force Officers Grounded Despite Court Order: Former Space Force Lt. Colonel

Members of the Air Force have been grounded for refusing to take a COVID-19 shot even after a court order ruling against such actions said a former space force commander on Sept. 15, adding that it is “not the time to be tampering with our readiness.”

Roughly two months back, a federal court in Ohio stated that the Air Force is not legally justified in taking punitive action against service members who do not take the COVID-19 vaccine, Matt Lohmeier, former Space Force Lieutenant Colonel, said in an interview with “Capitol Report” on NTD News.

A preliminary injunction was also issued. Lohmeier gave an example of a Squadron Leader in a fighter squadron at the Air Force who had been grounded and removed from his post following his decision not to take a COVID-19 shot.

Neither the squadron leader nor other members who he is aware of have been allowed to return back to flying status Lohmeier said.

“Our senior defense officials seem uninterested in abiding by law,” he said. “We’ve got over 700 pilots potentially on the chopping block right now for their refusal to take the shot.”

The mandatory vaccination rule itself is illegal since the COVID-19 vaccine available in many instances has only been approved under emergency use authorization (EUA), Lohmeier said. <Source>

Bottom line…

The progressive communist democrats are destroying America from within, weakening our military while arming our enemies and provoking direct military action. Unless we up our lethality, remove restrictive rules of engagement, and set a mission objective to win – we will continue to see another Viet Nam or Afghanistan. We can win the war – but politicians continue to ensure our losses.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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