Today’s rant is short…

Screw Apple for their “continuous improvement of the user experience,” which necessitates that you grant them access to your system to use you as their unwilling beta testers.

Almost every improvement appears to be commonsense functionality that should have been incorporated from the beginning. New layouts and graphics to convince you something is “new,” or produce a “wow” factor, or screw up your existing workflow based on legions of children or addlepated adults who require that operations are reduced to the lowest common denominator should be eliminated or switch selectable.

Moreover, arcane settings hide under layers of menus – many purposely misnamed to encourage your positive response to the company’s suggestions.

I just finished setting up and transferring data on a new iPhone and iPad in the past two days. While the actual set-up was easy, not all applications, content, and settings transferred smoothly. I grant you that applications should be updated to take advantage of new hardware and operating system capabilities – but it would have been nice to analyze the old system and note potential issues. At least Microsoft attempts this analysis in their inter-generational operating system releases.

Bottom line…

My electronic devices are used mainly for employment, not enjoyment, so I value workflow over whiz-bang.

Somehow I expected better from Apple. But then again, Steve Jobs was all about esthetics and packaging, whereas Steve Wozniak was all about engineering and functionality. Pretty much why Apple’s devices underperformed PCs at the time.

With the necessity for upgrades of hardware, operating systems, and applications, even though they all perform rudimentary functions like content creation, we appear to be caught in a profit cycle rather than a performance cycle.

And it should be no surprise that battery life is steadily worsening.

Don’t get me wrong, Apple products, for the most part, are wonderful devices; it’s the operating system functionality that annoys me. 

We are so screwed.

I feel so much better now!

-- Steve


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