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After the Biden Administration surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban and abruptly abandoned thousands of American citizens and allies behind Taliban lines to be hunted, captured, raped, tortured, mutilated, and killed, we find the dumb son of a bitch has decided that Afghanistan is going to get half of the $7 Billion that was frozen in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.

Stack that up against the American loss of billions in state-of-the-art military-grade weaponry, and I see a clueless man.

And don’t tell me it is for humanitarian aid for a drought-stricken region that lacks enough food to feed its population – with Taliban fighters taking the lion’s share. Tell me about the Taliban’s deal with Pakistan or their lucrative deal with China. Let those nations feed their neighbors.

Like everything touched by the corrupt Democrats, the actual money transfers will be hidden behind a trust to be administered by trustees in Switzerland. The money will stabilize the Taliban’s terrorist regime, pay off some of their international debts, purchase food, and even print their new currency.

Enough is enough! I say put the money in the U.S. Treasury to help offset the wasteful spending of the Democrats.

-- Steve


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