The Republicans are not beyond exaggeration and emotional fearmongering…

Biden’s super-sized IRS Army will declare war on political enemies

The public should be frightened that Democrats have passed new legislation to weaponize the already abusive Internal Revenue Service.

[OCS: Notice the rhetorical fallacy being used here: imputing that the behavior or a few bad partisan actors represent the whole?]

For nearly a century, presidents and members of Congress have used the IRS to harass and incriminate political foes. In addition to collecting revenue to fund the government, the IRS is a hit squad that destroys reputations and criminalizes dissenters.

[OCS: One might think, incorrectly, that the citizens would recognize political corruption and vote the bastards out of office. But, then again, Congress writes its own rules and exempts itself from most criminal consequences of its actions.]

A lot of pain can be inflicted under the guise of tax “auditing.” The bill President Joe Biden signed Tuesday, erroneously labeled the Inflation Reduction Act, will mean more audits and investigations. The law roughly doubles funding for the IRS’s enforcement division, adding as many as 80,000 agents and auditors.

[OCS: Most of the pain comes from an overly complex tax code and the volume of confusing, conflicting, or contrary interpretations of the code’s provisions. Yes, the Inflation Reduction Act is grotesquely named and misleading. But, there is the likelihood that a large percentage of the recent hires will be desk-bound support personnel and auditors rather than armed federal agents who require vetting and specialized training before being assigned to field duty.]

Biden, meanwhile, is starving the Defense Department, requesting too little funding to even keep up with inflation, despite Russian and Chinese aggression. Yet his legislation will make the IRS three-quarters the size of the Marine Corps. Who’s Biden making war on?

[OCS: Notice the false comparison with the military and the subtle suggestion that this funding act is tantamount to waging war against citizens.]

While the bill increases the IRS’s muscle, it fails to impose serious criminal penalties if the IRS leaks confidential taxpayer information or goes after political targets. History shows the danger ahead. <Source>

[OCS: Did I miss an amendment requesting enhanced penalties for government agencies leaking personal non-public information? Leaking to damage opponents or to influence public opinion is the second most important thing (after money) in the Washington D.C. beltway. Besides, leakers are now characterized as “whistleblowers” and given Congressional protections against retaliation and criminal charges.]

Bottom line…

It was, and is, the asswipes in Congress, on both sides of the aisle and acting at the behest of their special interests, especially the lawyers and accountants, that have created an overly complex tax code with arcane loopholes and gotcha funding provisions to fill the government feeding troughs.

We need to de-politicize the leadership of our government agencies and institutions if we are to reduce political corruption. We also need to reform our tax code and reduce government costs by prioritizing spending on those things granted by the Constitution to the federal government. But, most of all, we need to eliminate professional politicians who ignore their constituents and who, like attorneys and advocates, speak out of both sides of their mouths according to who is paying the freight.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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