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There is not a single doubt in my mind that our nation has been attacked by radical communist sleeper cells of Obama acolytes and that Obama’s promise to radically transform the United States is coming true.

Witness the insanity for yourself.

(1)  Leadership 

  • A severely cognitively-impaired President who cannot speak in complete, coherent sentences and answer impromptu questions that are not pre-scripted and posed by pre-selected propagandists posing as “journalists.”
  • A Vice President, likewise,  appears ignorant on most issues, and like the President, cannot speak in an informed and coherent manner.
  • A Speaker of the House who is virulently partisan and willing to ignore the United States Constitution and violate all Congress traditions and norms.
  • A years-long decapitation strike against the only effective leader in modern history who has been subject to persecution that would have killed or destroyed a lesser man.
  • A feckless opposition that is not only incompetent but corrupt and uncaring – with little or no regard for their constituents.
  • A cadre of union leadership in both the public and private sectors is corrupt and infiltrated by radical communists using workers as political pawns. Or, in the case of teachers, the younger generation.
  • We are seeing rampant interference in our electoral system, with our leaders minimizing the grave danger this poses to our nation, its Constitution, and our freedoms. In reality, we no longer select our leaders; we only choose from pre-selected, party-approved candidates. When we break that candidate selection practice, the forces on both sides of the political spectrum, the allegedly free press, and our enemies, both foreign and domestic, wage war against that candidate.

(2)  National Security

  • Our nation is pursuing policies that will lead to a nuclear-armed Iran that will pose an even more significant existential threat to the Middle East and, by extension America.
  • We are being openly invaded by illegal aliens, including criminals, crazies, and terrorists, who rapidly destroy our nation’s reserve assets meant to protect American citizens from natural disasters and other catastrophes.
  • A military whose operational readiness is being eroded by politicians posing as flag-rank general officers more interested in their own welfare than our nation or their soldiers.
  • In the space of three years, our leadership has destroyed this nation’s energy independence and placed our military infrastructure at risk by the foreign sourcing of critical weapon components.
  • Beyond energy, we have ceded control of our nation’s critical infrastructure, including water, fertilizer, and our food supply, to radical communists who have infiltrated the environmental movement and who are using our own laws, rules, and regulations – in conjunction with a compromised judiciary – against us—demanding that our nation forego resilience in favor of saving meaningless flora and fauna.
  • Arterial intermodal transportation, the lifeblood of a vast nation, is rapidly being compromised and creating a logistics nightmare.
  • We are rapidly depleting our weapons stockpiles in favor of other nations and failing to replenish our stockpiles of weapons and critical supplies. Much of what we adopt to replenish our reserves is overly complex and subject to catastrophic failure in peacetime training and war. Our enemies use less technology and gain reliability with old-school solutions. Much of this planned obsolescence is driven by corruption and those who have lost sight of the purpose of weapons. We now expend millions of dollars to kill fewer and fewer people-- with a military goal of ignoring the suppression of resistance and capitulation of our enemies to concentrate on the avoidance of bad media optics involving collateral damage.

(3)  Communications

  • Our nation cannot function without conveying accurate and timely information to warn and inform the populace. Yet we have allowed our government to sidestep our Constitution in the guise of a public-private alliance where private companies overtly or covertly implement government policies in return for material rewards.
  • We have ceded control over our technology to oligarchs who claim the right to control devices we have purchased through unilateral licenses, which enable a surveillance state.
  • We, as a people, have said nothing when private entities openly spread disinformation, censor the news, and remove dissidents who have alternative viewpoints that do not support the regime’s narrative. Even worse, “We the People” refuse to hold these individuals and corporations responsible for their treacherous actions.
  • In what universe would we accept the precepts of identity politics that demand teaching racist behavior and gender confusion in public schools? 
  • We can see the abuse of language and the re-definition of common words -- so much so that people can no longer communicate or are afraid to speak lest they not be politically correct. I never thought I would see the day when someone could not define a woman, even in the most rudimentary terms as being the opposite of a man. Even worse, changing the titles on legislative bills in a deceptive manner as to mislead voters.

(4)  Financial machinations.

  • Our nation’s finances are being artificially manipulated by the Federal Reserve, which despite the misleading use of the word “federal,” is privately owned and operated in an opaque manner by its owners – the most significant global financial institutions. Not to get into the weeds, but its fractional banking system using fiat currency is guaranteed to produce boom and bust cycles whose volatility conveys a great advantage to those who own or control significant assets.
  • Our money, especially the retirement funds representing fixed income assets for senior citizens out of the job market, are deliberately eroded by inflation. Apparently, to increase individual reliance on government largess in return for political power.

A confluence of evil…

Let us consider today’s example of evil.


President Joe Biden unilaterally and unconstitutionally decided to forgive a portion of student debt to fulfill a political campaign pledge. Perhaps forgive is not the right word because he transferred the payment of these debts from the individuals responsible for the debt to the taxpayers – you and me. A grossly unfair action that demands a hardworking citizen pay for their neighbor’s children’s student loan debt incurred when they may have attended, but not necessarily completed, college. Totally disadvantaging a large segment of the population who have no say in the decision and who gain no benefit from this obscene transfer of wealth.

The President has no constitutional, congressional, or legal authority to take this action – so how does Biden gin up the pretense of authority?

Biden appears to be employing the HEROES Act, first enacted in the wake of the September 11 attacks, and provides the Secretary broad authority to grant relief from student loan requirements during specific periods (a war, other military operation, or national emergency

So you might ask, which war? Which military operation? Which national emergency? COVID-19, of course!

“For the past year and a half, the Office of General Counsel (“OGC”), in consultation with our colleagues at the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel, has conducted a review of the Secretary’s legal authority to cancel student debt on a categorical basis. This review has included assessing the analysis outlined in a publicly disseminated January 2021 memorandum signed by a former Principal Deputy General Counsel. As detailed below, we have determined that the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (“HEROES”) Act of 2003 grants the Secretary authority that could be used to effectuate a program of targeted loan cancellation directed at addressing the financial harms of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

So Biden does it anyway and leaves it up to the courts to fight it out in what may prove to be a years-long process that will see him accruing political credit now for the attempt and hoping the result years later will be buried as “old news” as Hillary Clinton is wont to say.

Bottom line…

What can I say other than we are so screwed?

And that we are all Americans. Forget the divisive identity politics. No more Democrats and Republicans. No more rednecks and snowflakes. Unless we work together, the most exceptional nation on the face of the Earth will turn into another corrupt, unexceptional European-style nation, or, heaven forbid, a third-world banana republic governed by a strong man with only the pretense of democracy.

In both life and politics, there are no perfect answers as an adequate response to an imperfect world. And, most often, the reality is that the only choice we have left is to choose the lesser of two evils – fully knowing that we are still supporting evil.

-- Steve

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“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

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