After years of hearings with testimonial and documentary evidence, it is certain that former President Trump is an example of the classic case of projection and misdirection.

There is no doubt in my mind that the progressive communist democrats are projecting their behavior and criminal activity onto Donald Trump. One need only look at the self-confessed quid pro quo dealings of Joe Biden in Ukraine to see that the very same behavior was ascribed to Trump – using a combination of false and misleading whistleblowers Democrats refuse to release to this day. As well as distraction from the current precipitous military, economic, and cultural decline that can be directly attributed to the Democrats, specifically former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, a cabal of bad actors in the Democrat party, and of course, the defective President Joe Biden to is hidden away from the public except for a few drug-enhanced appearances where he still shouts incoherently and needs a written cheat sheet or teleprompter to function before being whisked away by his Obama acolyte handlers.

How else can you account for the unprecedented attack on Trump by the Democrats and their propagandists in the media and on the truth-suppressing technology platforms? How else can you account for the blatant hyper-partisan criminality we are seeing in our top agencies, including those dealing with national threats, intelligence, and law enforcement?

Undoubtedly, the Democrats interfered with at least two presidential elections, spied on ordinary Americans, and spied on their political opposition. There is no doubt that the election was rigged, perhaps not by manufactured ballots or jiggered voting machines, but certainly by the nullification of legislature-crafted election rules, improper procedures, and the suppression of criminal activities which, according to polls, would have mortally damaged the Biden candidacy. To this very day, the Democrats are shielding members of the Biden family from investigation and prosecution – mainly by focusing on Donald Trump and trying to drive him into obscurity and irrelevance.

Fortunately for America, Trump is a reflexive fighter with a massive competitive streak and an ego to match. He welcomes the attack as an opportunity to punch back harder. While he seems preoccupied with the media, it appears he views it as a game.

In the final analysis, Trump does the right thing reflexively, overcoming his rather boorish behavior and lack of respect for the Bush/Romney gentlemen’s style of elites to do something that benefits America, both on the domestic and foreign fronts.

Most people are not so stupid as to see the handwriting on the wall.

But, it remains to be seen how Americans will react to reality as interpreted by traditional media and social media platforms. There is little or no hope for those Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who ignores her constituents for her life on Instagram, or those who believe Twitter represents reality or Facebook friends are real.

Look around. You do not need an economist or politician to define inflation and the political manipulation of the markets. Just look at gas prices and the insane energy policies of the Democrats as they make us more dependent on foreign oil. Ask why there are no new refineries in America to increase the supplies of fuels and petrochemicals. Look at food prices and the insane policies of price subsidies to agribusiness, the manipulation of agricultural water in California’s abundant fields, or paying farmers not to grow certain crops. Look at the political corruption caused by the unions – with overblown prices, delayed schedules, and an inferior work product.

There is so much wrong, and it seems to lead to the Democrats, the party of slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism. Not to excuse the Republicans who appear content to rake in their share while prattling on and on about family values and fiscal restraint.

Bottom line…

To say that our elected representatives are screwing the average American is an understatement.

-- steve

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