The progressive communist Democrats continue to pander to their black coalition members by implementing affirmative action legislation and promising to consider reparations to redress historical grievances.

However, you will note that the progressive communist democrats have reimagined slavery and made it more acceptable to the enslaved people and those who sit idly by and watch this slow-moving humanitarian disaster unfold.

The difference is that while the blacks were sold into slavery by black African slavemasters, the brown enslaved people are being artificially lured into servitude by privileges and programs designed by the Democrats with their open border policy.

It used to be that illegal aliens would avoid Border Patrol officers at all costs. Now they seek out these very same officers to surrender. Knowing that they will be cleaned up, given some form of identification and assistance -- and released into the heartland of the United States to serve as a source of cheap labor which can be continually threatened with deportation. Their only obligation is promising to appear at a court hearing far in the future.

More Than 300 Migrants Surrender to Texas Border Patrol Agents in One Day

McAllen Station agents received an emergency call from a migrant who said he just crossed the border from Mexico. Agents interviewed the subject about the location of the crossing and determined it to be near Granjeno, Texas, according to Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol officials.

The agents quickly responded to the area and found a total of 67 illegal immigrants, officials stated. The group consisted of family units and unaccompanied minors.

Agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector process the highest number in the nation of migrants who cross the border this way and make asylum claims based on “credible fear.” During Fiscal Year 2018, which ended on September 30, 32,521 migrants made credible fear asylum claims after surrendering to Border Patrol agents, the report from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol stated. This represents an increase of 29 percent over the previous year claims made by 25,156 migrants. <Source>

The evidence is everywhere. All of the immigration legislation that the progressive communist democrats propose rarely deals with the impact of employment on American citizens, especially young adults seeking part-time work or entry-level positions.

Bottom line...

The fundamental problem with the progressive communist democrats is that they never suffer the consequence of their actions or are accountable for the death, pain, and suffering they create.

And the propagandists in the media rarely note that the constant influx of illegal aliens has a “disparate impact,” to use a progressive phrase, on the minority American citizens who vote as well as those holding legal green card work permits.

I find it amazing that the Democrats who claim to speak on behalf of minorities and blue-collar workers are governed by college-educated white elites who live in their own insulated bubble in costal areas. They continually complain about systemic problems, never mentioning that they control the system's institutions as well as the culture.

The most dangerous threat is not the one that you didn't see, but the one you failed to recognize as a threat.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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