There was a time when I used to be a lot more optimistic about the medical profession, best practices, and evidence-based treatment protocols.

Unfortunately, I am much more realistic after witnessing the deception and outright criminality of well-regarded, well-educated, and well-experienced physicians and scientists and their formerly "prestigious" institutions.

The regime, big pharma, and others exploiting the pandemic for self-gain don’t want this pandemic to end. Since the pandemic lies at the core of their political control and profits, there is no incentive to develop effective testing and early treatment protocols that work for most of the general population and reduces the fear caused by media-driven stories of dire consequences that are statistically unlikely to manifest.

I am pissed off...

Today I received four packages of on/go COVID-19 Antigen Self-Tests, each box containing two tests. They were ordered, processed, and shipped from one of our nation’s largest pharmacy service corporations. OptumRX.

It is July 16, 2022, and the test expiration date is May 2022!

A sticker on the box notes that the FDA has granted a shelf-life extension of three months.


From the manufacturer’s website…

Attention: On May 12, 2022, the FDA granted a twelve-month shelf-life extension for On/Go COVID-19 Antigen Self-Tests (also known under CareStart COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test EUA letter).  For many boxes, for example, if the expiration date printed on your box states April 2022, the expiration date for the test is now October 31, 2022. Please note, the expiration date for the tests is the last day of the labeled expiration month.  The attached document lists the new expiration dates for On/Go Self-Tests by lot number.  We will continue to apply to FDA for shelf-life extensions every three months based on our stability studies, and the new shelf-lives for our tests will apply to tests already produced as well as future production. <Source>

From the FDA’s May 12, 2022 approval letter ...

This is to notify you that your request to update the CareStart COVID-19 Antigen Home Test to extend the shelf-life expiration date to 12 months when stored at 1oC – 30oC, based on the results of your ongoing stability studies, is granted. Upon review, we concur that the data and information submitted in EUA210314/S009 support the requested update for the CareStart COVID-19 Antigen Home Test. By submitting this EUA revision for review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you have complied with the Conditions of Authorization stated in the letter authorizing the emergency use of the CareStart COVID-19 Antigen Home Test re-issued on November 22, 2021. <Source>

[OCS: First, 30o Celsius is only 86o Fahrenheit-- posing a potential problem for those whose tests were stored and shipped in hot climates, those whose tests were left in a vehicle in hot weather, or those who do not enjoy air conditioning. Does this suggest storing the tests in a refrigerator or insulated bag? Second, the FDA is relying on the manufacturer's submitted test data which is reviewed, not corroborated. Third, there is no mention of the probability of false positives or even worse, false negatives.]

From an email from OptumRX...

The FDA has granted a shelf-life extension (Up to 6 months) for On/Go COVID-19 Antigen Self-Tests. If the expiration date printed on your box states April 2022, the expiration date for the test is now October 31, 2022.

However, looking up the actual lot number on the manufacturer’s site, I find the extension is good to November 30, 2022.

Who should I believe?

  • Should I believe the test manufacturer that is incentivized to push stale-aged inventory out the door to produce profits instead of losses?
  • Should I believe the FDA, which has been caught in various shenanigans, lies, and cover-ups? An agency that is partly funded by those they regulate and subject to regulatory capture where regulatory agencies come to be dominated by the industries or interests they are charged with regulating.
  • Should I believe the distributor? In looking up information on the COVID tests, I was surprised to find the following message – “California consumers and health care providers: The California pharmacy permit for the Carlsbad, CA OptumRx home delivery pharmacy (PHY 47482) has been placed on probation from 4/1/22 - 3/31/23 by the California Board of Pharmacy.” <Source>

The allegations cover a range of issues ranging from late deliveries, wrong prescriptions, not following a doctor’s instructions, and not seeking the doctor’s approval for substituted medication. Officially: Obstructing Patients in Obtaining Prescription Drugs, Failing to Comply with Laws of Another State when Delivering Drugs, Substituting More Expensive Drug against Respondent OptumRx Only, Deviating from Prescription Requirements, Failing to Validate Uncertain Prescription, Failure to Review Drug Therapies, and Unprofessional Conduct. <Source>

  • Should I believe my physician, who may be tightly restrained by his practice partners or facility rules and regulations?

Bottom line…

Congratulations to the progressive communist democrats who have destroyed the public’s faith in another government institution. The sooner we elect competent, conservative leaders and purge the bureaucracy of its communist sleepers and evildoers, the chances of recovery improve.

Even though the tests cost me nothing up-front, I realize that my fellow citizens and I are paying for the tests and that the ultimate cost might be my life if the test cannot be validated and I am hospitalized as a high-risk patient.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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