Yesterday, I watched one of my favorite movies, War Games, whose lesson on winning a nuclear war is not to play the game. Likewise, the only way we can start to counter an un-American system that is quickly approaching authoritarian fascism is not to play their game. Whether a sufficient number of Americans can overcome their long-term indoctrination and resist the system is questionable.

Consider …

(1)   We have seen that most of the United States' population is willing to sacrifice their privacy and personal security for convenience and free benefits.

(2)   We have seen the malignant and metastasizing effects of a government infiltrated by domestic and foreign powers with hostile intent, namely to weaken or destroy the United States of America from within.

(3)   We have seen the demonstrable results of a corrupt government willing to subvert the nation’s premier intelligence, law enforcement, and other agencies that control critical infrastructure to gain or maintain political power.

(4)   We have seen the last bastion of national security, the military, start to be infected by the corrupt forces now controlling our government. Put in motion by a diabolical president who is, in reality,  a communist traitor to America.

(5)   We have seen unprecedented fascism and the rise of public/private coordination and cooperation such that traditional norms, constitutional safeguards, and checks and balances can be bypassed by constitutionally prohibited government behavior -- mostly without challenge by the Courts.

(6)   We have seen corporations respond to government dictates, coerced by the loss of government contracts, grants, tax benefits, and the threat of investigations or restrictive legislation.

(7)   We have seen the nation’s educational institutions indoctrinating instead of educating, giving a platform to radicals who openly despise the United States of America. Including institutions where administrators and professors fear for their jobs in the face of an orchestrated student uprising.

(8)   We have seen our nation’s traditional safeguard against tyranny, a free press willing to speak truth to power, be corporatized, and crumble.

(9)   We have seen our technology companies develop and deploy surveillance tools customarily used by the secret police of despotic nations.

(10)  We have seen the means of mass communication co-opted by forces seeking to censor dissent and cancel the dissenters.

Bottom line...

Can it be turned around?

Will enough people turn out in 2022 to provide a win beyond election manipulation?

Do the American people even understand patriotism anymore?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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