I am no fan of those unilateral “take ‘em or leave ‘em” terms of service agreements that convey rights, privileges, and protections to hardware and software creators while screwing users with little or no control over third-party intrusions into their hardware, software, and digital lives.

For those who do not realize it, our surveillance state was created not by the government but by the private enterprises attempting to protect their digital assets such as commercial music, video, and software—coercing hardware manufacturers to incorporate file branding and recognition into their electronic devices.

When corporate entities found that they could generate enormous profits by tracking user behavior and selling it to advertisers for cost-effective targeted advertising, our digital privacy was genuinely lost in an unregulated wilderness.

Enter the government which faced legal restrictions on the collection, storage, and use of digital information, but found there were few restrictions on purchasing commercial access to an individual’s information, including non-public personal information collected, maintained, and merchandised by non-governmental third parties.

People appeared willing to sacrifice their personal privacy for convenience, especially for “free” access to labor-saving applications and entertainment. Little did they realize that they were the product being sold to advertisers and the source of the vendor's revenue.

The pinnacle of information collection was reached with the blossoming of social media, where people seemed immune to privacy concerns and were willing to publicly chronicle their lives in detail using text and recorded entries. Personal information and details on behavior and lifestyle were shared with “pseudo friends” who could enter and follow your life with a single click.

So here we are, surveilled by the state with few privacy protections and little recourse for defamation. Our words and actions are archived in vast storage troves to be mined for proof of “intent” should a malignant regime decide that we are dissidents not supporting the regime’s narrative. 

Add that to general apathy and unwillingness to hold our representatives and third-party vendors accountable for their actions, and we are well and truly screwed.

-- steve

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