PoliceBeware of what you may be witnessing…

Anyone paying careful attention to the January 6 saga has seen many radical Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and progressive communist democrat activist mischief-makers dressed as Trump supporters – most of whom were trained agitators and provocateurs. This is not uncommon as the left seeks to defame its opposition.

Opposition usually is found in two formats. 

One is the false flag operation, where one side attacks itself in such a manner as to convey the impression that their opposition assaulted them.

This is most frequently seen in self-executed hate crimes like the Jussie Smollett case, where the actor claimed he was attacked on a freezing night in Chicago at 2:40 a.m. by Trump supporters after purchasing a tuna sandwich. Of course, it was a hoax and stretched one’s credulity to believe such an attack could occur under the specified circumstances.

Other false flag attacks are better camouflaged and may not be discovered until after the political damage has been done. Some believe that the January 6 “insurrection” was a false flag attack perpetrated by the Biden regime’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The false flag scenario is made more credible by the Jan 6 video and the testimonial and documentary evidence that these agencies actively participated in spying on Americans associated with the Trump campaign and the various Russia and Ukraine hoaxes that resulted in two bogus impeachments.

The other one is more subtle and insidious. That’s the one based on propaganda and innuendo designed to convince the opposition that the target is universally reviled as being legitimately attacked from both sides of the political spectrum. This is the subject of today’s blog post.

The goal…

As with most progressive communist democrat political operations, the goal is to create distrust in formerly reliable American institutions. Creating the type of media-worthy chaos and lawlessness that leads to a loss of confidence by the citizenry in their government, and results in a call for a larger, more authoritarian government. Witness the progressive communist democrats attempting to disarm law-abiding citizens to limit their self-defense options, and to create a further feeling of helplessness.

Demonizing and attacking the police…

We have seen police in our cities openly attacked and injured with bullets, firecrackers, sticks, stones, rocks, cement blocks, frozen water bottles, lasers, fireworks, chemicals, and other objects at hand. Such attacks were downplayed as “mostly peaceful protests.”

Other attacks are more insidious where political activists and provocateurs mischaracterize lawful police actions into riots, and in court cases where scared politicians are afraid to support the police openly or juries are afraid of post-verdict harm should they rightfully acquit a defendant. Again, a complicit media instigates the chaos to increase their audience, revenues, and political bona fides.

In several high-profile cases, violent, drug-addled repeat offenders were hailed as martyrs in the anti-police movement when they should have been condemned as the low-life thugs they were – noting that their deaths and injuries were self-inflicted as they chose to resist or escape lawful authority. Many of these cases are based on false testimony that survives today, like the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie.

But it is getting worse…

I am now seeing the attack on the police being extended by the “defund or eliminate the police” movement – primarily trained communist elements – who claim that the right is awakening to the truth about police malevolence and misconduct by urging the conservatives to attack the police as the protectors of a malignant illegitimate government regime. Hoping that they can convince conservatives to attack the police from the right to squeeze off public support for the police. In many cases, they highlight police were punishing innocent conservatives as they protect the progressive protestors.

Attempting to whip up support for their progressive position by publicizing cases like the Matthew Meinecke case in Seattle, Washington. Meinecke, a bible-verse spouting street preacher, was accosted and arrested by ten officers but not charged by the police for proselytizing near a gay pride event. The police acted unlawfully as Meinecke’s actions were constitutionally protected on free speech and religious grounds. Yet, the event was characterized as an attack on conservatives -- as the anti-police movement noted that the police were enforcers of the administrative state – especially when enforcing nonsensical pandemic-related rules against an innocent populace attempting to live their lives and perform ordinary chores unmolested by government dictate.

The leftists are fond of pointing out that police do not protect your rights, especially under a hostile government regime. They are there to protect the regime; therefore, it stands to reason their power should be limited or eliminated. These progressive communist democrats condemn all law enforcement and make no distinction between police and sheriffs.

FYI: Police are headed by a non-elected official, have jurisdiction generally limited to the city and town in which they serve, and are funded by a municipality. Sheriffs are headed by an elected official, have jurisdiction over the entire county which may encompass cities, towns, and unincorporated territories, and are funded by the municipality.  Sheriffs are constitutional officers with a duty to the constitution above all and is more likely to enforce politically-based laws.

Bottom line…

Support law enforcement as they are the only ones putting their lives on the line to protect citizens from violent offenders even if they do not have a duty to protect individual citizens not in their custody.

It is the progressive communist democrats who support criminals over victims, are soft on crime, and are releasing violent criminals back into our communities. They are the ones pandering to minorities who commit crimes at a disproportional rate and wrongfully believe any deviation in the percentage of minority criminals from their percentage representation in the general population is a sign of racism. Since progressive communist democrats govern some of the most violent inner cities with the strictest gun control laws, they hate to be reminded they are the system they claim is racist.

Yes, there are bad cops – and they should be weeded out systematically on a case-by-case basis, from the FBI leadership to the most corrupt patrol officer.

We are so screwed when you forget you get more of what you support – support more criminals over police, and it stands to reason you get more crime, death, and destruction. You also get more crooked politicians.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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