What is wrong with our political parties…

I find it impossible to believe that either of the major parties cares more about our beloved nation than they do about winning political power.

Americans do not have a choice of candidates; we have a choice between candidates—pre-selected by the parties based on the political popularity of the candidates, not necessarily their abilities or patriotism; and in the case of the progressive communist democrats, additionally by race and gender.

I find it offensive that the progressive communist democrats would even consider offering up an aging, feeble, incoherent Joe Biden, or the GOP would offer a highly polarizing Donald Trump – even though Trump has the best track record of any modern-day president. My fundamental objection to Trump is that he has abundant energy but is lazy and disorganized. He lacks the attention to detail necessary to do a deep dive to radically eliminate the embedded communist Clintonistas and Obamacons in the bureaucracy. It was this bureaucratic opposition that resisted his candidacy, retarded his ongoing Administration, and gave us Joe Biden.


While politicians and their preferred ideologies and pet projects come and go, few recognize and analyze the cumulative effects on our economy, culture, and national defense. Few things in America are based on the "long game," with individuals and organizations concentrating on maximizing short-term gains.

Because America, as a whole, is productive and relatively affluent, some use this disparity between countries and individuals to stick their collective fingers into America's pie with little or no pushback from the politicians -- especially politicians on the take as unofficial foreign lobbyists.

It is now time to get tough.

Demand background checks for politicians and their staff. Improve asset disclosures. Eliminate insider trading protections. Demand that lobbyists, consultants, lawyers, accountants, and foreign-owned companies register under the FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act). Punish violators with restrictions on doing business with the government and fines and other penalties. Restore accountability to leaders for the actions of their subordinates.

Back words with actions, being prepared and willing to punch back twice as hard as an attacker. Power, respect, and fear should be the goal -- not love and kind words in the media.

Ask what's next?

We are in uncharted waters, an unthinkable political reality-- with an Administration more concerned with managing perceptions through media messaging than taking action to resolve emergent issues.

Consider reality! Will the United States come to the aid of Taiwan, or are we just content to "sell" them weapons that American taxpayers ultimately subsidized and paid for? Walking away if there is a threat made against the American homeland?

While change is inevitable and driven by the rapid advance of technology and globalization, we are seeing the type of change produced by bad actors. Bad actors engaging in open information warfare and propaganda are driving and enlarging divisions between Americans based on identity classes. Chaos is being weaponized, and tolerance for shock troops on the left side of the political spectrum is becoming increasingly apparent.

Unfortunately, there remains a group of individuals, mostly government workers, who are isolated from the worst economic consequences by guaranteed employment, ever-increasing salaries, benefits, and cushy pensions. Conditions not found in the private sector. Unless these individuals are forced to deal with the reality facing most Americans, there will be little or no change.

Unfortunately, much of the chaos and angst is created by the progressive communist democrats and media propagandists -- and enforced by unions that have become little more than communist front groups. Not the rank-and-file, but the thuggish leadership.

The progressive communist democrats have been stress-testing America for decades, with their violations of the law and social norms becoming more egregious as time goes on.

It is almost inconceivable that our enemies are better equipped, better trained, and better prepared, and their leadership is more patriotic and prepared to execute aggressive actions -- but this is where we are heading under a weak American administration..

President Biden is incapable of executing his duties as the President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief of the military. The idea that Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and other members of Obama's cadre of communists are running our military is shocking. Yet, given the actions of Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley, and our recent surrender in Afghanistan, that's what appears to be happening. How else can you explain what is happening in Iran, Ukraine, and North Korea?

Bottom line...

There can be no American Dream without those who believe in American exceptionalism and who are willing to defend America from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Our President's success should be our success. His failure, our failure.

Prepare to fight for suitable candidates and choose wisely.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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