I received an email in response to one of my blog posts, challenging my sanity and asking, “if I was out of my ever-loving mind?”

What followed was a classic diatribe filled with bad words and slurs of various kinds. The individual did not refute anything I posted and suggested I was a right-wing conspiracy nut. Pretty easy to ignore as just another unhinged loon. Unfortunately, to the writer’s horror, I need some new conspiracy theories as most of the old ones have come true – many surpassing my worst-case scenario and threatening our democratic republic.

Anyway, I thought I would share a little of my world view…

I have been asked several times why I use the term “progressive communist democrats.”

First and foremost, I do not distinguish between the various labels and forms of Marxism, socialism, and communism since I believe that communism is the philosophical ideology and everything else is an implementation of the unattainable communist ideal.

I believe that the Democrat Party has been infiltrated by communists, both foreign and domestic, who wish to destroy our exceptional nation from within and that its leadership is driven by professionally-trained radicalized agitators (i.e., community organizers).

A prime example is former President Barack Obama who was raised by communists, was influenced and mentored by communists, and associated with communists (and terrorists) throughout his life. And that his rise from community organizer to the presidency was coordinated and orchestrated by communists.

Progressivism is based on the Marxist concept that conflict leads to progress and the process of progressivism consists of three steps.

1.  Identify the characteristics of the existing system.
2.  Create a system with opposing characteristics.
3.  Use social movements and propaganda to incite conflict between identity groups of the existing systems with the goal of destroying the existing system in order to progress to the desired system.

What are these characteristics?

Basically, they are the beliefs and behaviors based on moral and ethical foundations, legal systems, social mores, and cultural practices,

Who are members of these identity groups?

Basically, it's you and me, identified by: class, race, national origin, sex, gender, religion, parent-child, rich-poor, etc. And "intersectionality" simply means individuals can simultaneously belong to one or more identity groups.

Viewed within this context, there is no doubt in my mind that the progressive communist democrats represent a clear and present danger to our beloved nation, the rule of law, and the protection of our inalienable rights.

Why a socialist-influenced economic system is doomed to failure.

The fundamental issues with using centrally-administered socialist economic policies are: one, you can affect but not control either supply or demand; two, you cannot correctly calculate pricing to drive the system; three, you do not have the capacity to monitor and react to a multiplicity of local conditions.

Moreover, you cannot rely on government “experts,” many of whom are incompetent and have risen through the ranks based on seniority or connections or who are the corrupt product of “regulatory capture” and the revolving door between the regulators and the regulated.

Then there is the bureaucratic inertia that keeps government projects with their bureaucracies and “clients” in place long after their usefulness -- devolving into programmatic budget increases to keep the bureaucratic abomination afloat.

Things have changed...

Through decades of indoctrination by educational institutions and the media, our culture has devolved from rugged individualism to collective laziness where people are content to rely on others and the government to ensure that today is much the same as yesterday and tomorrow will be much the same as today. A "to go along to get along" society with few challanging the system and attempting reform.

Our resilience has been severely downgraded and now is approaching a form of adult infantilism.

Have you ever wondered why wealthy white progressive elites are behind most authoritarian socialist movements in first-world countries?

  1. They feel guilty about their relatively unearned wealth and need to virtue signal their worth by appearing to care for those of lesser accomplishments and assets.
  2. They want to curtail any challengers to their exalted position.
  3. A diversionary tactic to help mask the “great crime underlying the great fortune.”
  4. They are on the way out and willing to burn down the existing system to achieve historical immortality.
  5. They are psychopaths and malignant narcissists and believe they can manipulate the system.
  6. They are racing a bear and will do anything to see that someone else is eaten first.
  7. They use technological advances to confuse and conflate technology with magic -- unfathomable to the masses and which demands a limited priesthood to keep the devil from gaining control of powers beyond the comprehension of mere mortals  (e.g., they have rebranded 1960s remote telecomputing as cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) to reinforce the mysterious over the commonplace.)

Bottom line...

As we have seen, the progressive communist democrats are willing to deliberately hurt people in pursuit of their toxic ideology.

Feel free to challenge my assumptions and assertions – bearing in mind that I realize these are generalizations and exceptions exist.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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