The devil came down to California…




I’ve got about 15 minutes of free time this morning, Stephen.

Between my duties in Congress on the intelligence committee and the January 6 committee, and doing everything I can to get out the vote in the final 48 hours of this California jungle primary election, I am burning the candle on both ends.

[OCS: While Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, Ukraine, and other hot spots sizzle, liar, leaker, and perjurer Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) has neglected his duties to concentrate on pursuing, prosecuting, and persecuting Donald Trump. If it were not for the immunities granted Congress by the speech and debate clause, Schiff would have been charged for his abuse of power, his criminal activity in defrauding the United States government, spying on American citizens, and defaming various individuals in the government and some long gone from government service.] 

We’re up against a QAnon conspiracy theorist in this race who is supported by Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. We’re up against Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump, and other top Republicans who are trying to smear my name. And we’re up against the talking heads at Fox News like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity who paint me as a villain to their nightly audience of millions of MAGA viewers.

[OCS:  Notice Schiff cannot cite any notable accomplishments in Congress and must resort to attacking straw man opponents. Schiff has smeared his own odious name without help from anyone else. Quick to condemn millions of American citizens, Schiff would cease to exist without his favorite enemies.]

Winning this primary with a sizable majority would send a strong message that I’m not going anywhere — and that millions of people are willing to fight back against right-wing misinformation and defend our democracy.

[OCS: The strong message that would be sent if Schiff was to capture a sizeable majority of the vote is that people residing in his district are ignorant of the damage Schiff has caused to America and American citizens with his lawless and reckless behavior. Ironically, no single person in Congress has been a purveyor of disinformation more than Adam Schiff. There are approximately 900,000 residents in the 30th Congressional District, including a large number of illegal aliens who took advantage of the Democrat’s illegal and unconstitutional open border policy.]

We need to make these final days count. Can you pitch in a few bucks to help us finish strong? I’d be humbled to have your support before I get back out there.







Looks like my 15 minutes are up. Thanks for everything you’re doing to support our campaign — and our democracy.

[OCS: Hopefully his time is up -- but it's too much to ask that he serve time for what damage he has wrought in our nation.]

— Adam

Bottom line…

I should not be surprised by a well-educated (Stanford, Harvard Law) elite who believes he is one of the masters of the universe who has a divine right to judge our lives and tell us how to live.

I urge a vote for anyone, even a progressive communist democrat, other than Schiff.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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