Naturally, I am severely disappointed in the jury’s acquittal of Michael Sussman on the charge of lying to the FBI about his motivation for presenting false allegations and evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a political dirty trick targeted at the Donald Trump campaign.

Presenting false and misleading politically-motivated allegations to the nation’s premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies without significant consequences has severely impacted the credibility and reliability of the agencies and rendered truth irrelevant.

The outcome of the Sussmann jury trial appeared to have been crippled from the start, beginning with the venue, which was comprised of a majority of individuals that supported the Democrats and loathed Donald Trump as a direct threat to their power base and continued employment, a judge with a cognizable conflict of interest regarding past relationships with individuals involved in the trial and his wife’s relationship with a potential grand jury witness, and a jury with a member who had a tangential relationship through her daughter’s school with one of the participants.

The fact that Sussmann lied to the FBI was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt – by his own sworn Congressional testimony, his own electronic communications, and the sworn testimony of the message recipient. While the matter of “materiality” was obfuscated by endless and confusing testimony about process matters, it was enough to provide cover for the jury’s decision. However, the fact remains that the “materiality” requirement of the charge was proven when James Baker said he likely wouldn’t have referred the case out for investigation, had he known of the Clinton connection.

Michael Sussmann found not guilty of charge brought by Special Prosecutor John Durham

After a two week trial, and more than a day of deliberations, the jury found that Special Counsel John Durham’s team had not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Sussmann’s statement was a lie, and that he was, in fact, working on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and technology executive Rodney Joffe when he brought two thumb drives and a white paper alleging a Trump-Russia connection.

In remarks following the verdict, Sussmann said that he had been falsely accused.

"I told the truth to the FBI, and the Jury clearly recognized this in their unanimous verdict today," he said. "I’m grateful to the members of the jury for their careful thoughtful service. Despite being falsely accused I believe that Justice ultimately prevailed in my case. As you can imagine this has been a difficult year for my family and me. But right now we are grateful for the love and support of so many during this ordeal."

Durham issued a terse statement expressing his office's disappointment.

"While we are disappointed in the outcome, we respect the jury’s decision and thank them for their service," Durham said. "I also want to recognize and thank the investigators and the prosecution team for their dedicated efforts in seeking truth and justice in this case." <Source>

Our nation continues to be at risk from the progressive communist democrats…   

U.S. spy agencies warned not to discriminate against Chinese Americans

The FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies are not permitted to consider Chinese-Americans as a greater security threat despite their targeting by China’s intelligence service for recruitment, according to a report made public Tuesday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

“While continuing to combat the significant national security threat posed by the [People’s Republic of China], IC agencies and components must ensure that their intelligence activities and security clearance processes protect the privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights of Americans of Chinese descent and all other Americans,” the report concludes.

The report appears to be based on unfounded allegations of Chinese-American racism by intelligence and security agencies.

The 22-page report was required by a provision of the fiscal 2020 Defense Authorization Act that sought a study on how spy agencies operations targeting China affect the privacy and civil liberties of Chinese Americans.

That law states that “the People’s Republic of China (PRC) appears to be specifically targeting the Chinese-American community for intelligence purposes.”

Aggressive Chinese spy recruitments carry “a substantial risk” that the loyalty of Chinese Americans may be questioned and lead to stereotyping and racial profiling, the law said.

“The broad stereotyping, targeting, and racial profiling of Americans of Chinese descent is contrary to the values of the United States and reinforces the flawed narrative perpetuated by the People’s Republic of China that ethnically Chinese individuals worldwide have a duty to support the People’s Republic of China,” the law said. <Source>

This is like screening Norwegians for terrorism rather than arrivals from Muslim countries with known terrorist activity. The United States Constitution is not a suicide pact and an invitation for our foreign and domestic enemies to use our own laws to further their nefarious activities.

Biden opposed to ‘hardening schools’ against potential shooters: Jean-Pierre

President Joe Biden does not support “hardening schools” against potential school shooters following the massacre at a Texas elementary school last week, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday.

“I know there’s been conversation about hardening schools, that is not something he believes in,” Jean-Pierre told reporters at a White House press conference. “He believes that we should be able to give teachers the resources to be able to do their job.” <Source>

As long as the progressive communist democrats can advance their agenda to disarm American citizens, they appear to welcome mass shootings while simultaneously ignoring the daily slaughter of citizens in the inner cities. As far as I can determine, the resources the Democrats provide to the schools inure to the benefit of the overwhelming progressive communist democrat teachers’ unions and curricula that features CRT and sexual grooming.

China Could Use Forbes To Push Communist Propaganda, Senators Warn

CCP-controlled company wants to buy American media outlet

A Chinese-controlled firm's bid to buy the Forbes media company poses a national security threat and would allow the Chinese Communist Party to push its propaganda by using one of the most recognizable American brand names, according to a group of Republican senators.

"Forbes is a recognizable American brand with immense propaganda value to the CCP," Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Bill Hagerty (Tenn.), Ted Cruz (Texas), and Bill Cassidy (La.) wrote on May 24 to the Treasury Department, demanding the Biden administration launch an investigation into the proposed purchase. "The CCP's direction of Forbes' editorial content and business operations, or its access to Forbes' financial and personal research, could present a serious national security threat to the United States."

Forbes announced in August that it was preparing to be acquired by Magnum Opus Acquisition Limited, which is "controlled by the Chinese Communist Party," according to the senators. <Source>

What better platform for spying on internal corporate activities, including public defense contractors, than a major financial news publication? Forbes’s website notes it covers finance, technology, communications, science, politics, and law.

Bottom line…


Indeed, Trump has his enemies, and the progressive socialist democrats are not happy about his increasing presence on social media, continual fundraising, and the possibility of another presidential campaign in 2024, however remote.

That is no reason to continue the destruction of the nation’s institutions and further impact the credibility of our judiciary.

If Americans continue to observe a tiered justice system where the wealthy and political elites avoid being held accountable for their demonstrably corrupt and criminal actions, the rule of law is no longer an underpinning of our republic – precisely what the progressive socialists want.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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