Schiff is running in a new district – time to send him packing…. 


There's no secret formula to winning our primary election in just 9 days.

I know with the screaming news headlines in right-wing media, and the Republican misinformation that clouds our politics every day, it can be tempting to fight fire with fire. But there are a few key truths that our campaign is striving to share with the voters of my new district over the next 9 days:

1.  We're fighting for universal health care because every human being has a right to receive the medical care they need without exception.

[OCS: NO! They’re fighting for a government-controlled single-payer healthcare system so they can control your life.]

2.  We're fighting for a Green New Deal because our climate is at a tipping point with disastrous effects already in California and across the country, and we need a national mobilization to address it.

[OCS: NO! They’re fighting to control energy production and use it to control the economy and engage in massive wealth re-distribution. The Green New Deal is really Old Red Communism!]

3.  We're fighting for what's right, for truth, and for our democracy — no matter what attacks Donald Trump and the far-right throw our way.

[OCS: Adam Schiff is the House of Representatives’ preeminent liar, leaker, and perjurer. Their “democracy” is a progressive communist “mobocracy.” Donald Trump hasn’t been in office for over a year and does not hold office anywhere.]

All that’s left to do now is communicate our core message and motivate voters to turn out and support our campaign.

Please chip in if you can to help my team over the final 9 days of our primary campaign, so we can go into the general with the momentum to defend our seat and our Democratic majority.







With our Democratic majority, we’ve passed legislation like the American Rescue Plan that has helped communities, local businesses, and families across the country get shots in arms and checks in hand.

[OCS: Look around you – inflation, higher taxes, no baby formula on the shelves, chaos and crime everywhere – and they talk about the American Rescue Plan?]

We’ve also been able to make an historic investment in our nation’s infrastructure that provides billions of dollars to transform and repair our roads and bridges and provide much-needed funds toward improving public transportation and internet access to all corners of our communities.

[OCS: This is a union make-work project and does nothing for our water, gas, and electric grids. Still waiting to see those construction projects and road repairs.]

This work wouldn’t be possible without the support of grassroots activists like you, Stephen. I’m so grateful to have a coalition of dedicated and motivated individuals who share the same vision of a more equitable, more unified nation.

However, there’s still so much work that needs to get done to protect our democracy, strengthen voting rights, codify reproductive rights, and more.

If you can, pitch in $10 today to help me win my primary election and defend our Democratic majority in the general.

Thank you for all that you do,

— Adam

Bottom line…

He is so focused on Trump that he ignores China, Russia, and other intelligence threats. We're pumping billions into a corrupt Ukraine so the progressive communist democrats can feather their nests before their coming defeat. Ask Schiff about the Ukraine Oligarch that hosted one of his past fundraisers. Or why does he keep Chinese Spy collaborator Eric Swalwell on the Intelligence Committee?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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