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Before we provide more money to Ukraine…

We know for a fact that Joe Biden is corrupt.

We know for a fact that corruption is a way of life in Ukraine.

Therefore, as a taxpaying American citizen, I demand an audit to understand why senior citizens and other taxpayers are being forced to subsidize Ukraine without fiscal responsibility? How much are politically-connected U.S. Defense contractors receiving, and are Russian assets being liquidated to pay for some of the expense?

After an initial allocation of $13.6 billion to help Ukraine in March, including $3.5 billion for military aid, $6.9 billion for other assistance, and $3 billion for the deployment of our soldiers to the various NATO-allied countries, they are out of money…


Remarks by President Biden on the Request to Congress for Additional Funding to Support Ukraine (APRIL 28, 2022)

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, everybody.  Good morning.  I just signed a request to Congress for critical security, economic, and humanitarian assistance to help Ukraine continue to counter Putin’s aggression and — at a very pivotal moment.

We need this bill to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom.  And our NATO Allies, our EU partners — they’re going to pay their fair share of the costs as well, but we have to do this.  We have to do our part as well, leading the Alliance.      The cost of this fight is not cheap, but caving to aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen.

We either back the Ukrainian people as they defend their country or we stand by as the Russians continue their atrocities and aggression in Ukraine.

Every day — every day, the Ukrainians pay for the — a price with — and the price they pay is with their lives for this fight.

So, we need to contribute arms, funding, ammunition, and the economic support to make their courage and sacrifice have purpose so they can continue this fight and do what they’re doing.

It’s critical this funding gets approved and approved as quickly as possible.

However, we have almost exhausted what we call — the fancy phrase — the “drawdown authority” that Congress authorized Ukraine — authorized for Ukraine in a bipartisan spending bill last month.  Basically, we’re out of money.

And so, that’s why today, in order to sustain Ukraine as it — as it continues to fight, I’m sending Congress a supplemental budget request.

It’s going to keep weapons and ammunition flowing without interruption to the brave Ukrainian fighters and continue delivering economic and humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people.

This assistance would provide even more artillery, armored vehicles, anti-armor systems, anti-air capabilities that have been used so effectively thus far on the battlefield by the Ukrainian warriors.

You know, and it’s going to deliver much-needed humanitarian assistance as well as food, water, medicines, shelter, and other aid to Ukrainians displaced by Russia’s war, and provide aid to those seeking refuge in other countries from Ukraine.

It’s also going to help schools and hospitals open.  It’s going to allow pensions and social support to be paid to the Ukrainian people so they have something — something in their pocket.  It’s also going to provide critical resources to address food shortages around the globe.

[OCS: Pensions for foreign citizens? Money to hordes of illegal aliens? What about American seniors living on fixed incomes in inflationary times?]


More troubling than the money is the weakening of the U.S. military…

Biden’s funding budget request and economic and humanitarian aid include more than $20 billion in new military and security assistance, including the new authority to quickly transfer weapons to Ukraine out of military stocks and supercharging a Pentagon program to arm its military.

Supply of U.S. Stinger missile running low, faces restock challenges

Shoulder-fired Stinger missiles are in demand in Ukraine where they have successfully stopped Russian assaults from the air, but U.S. supplies have shrunk and producing more of the anti-aircraft weapons faces significant hurdles.

Challenges include complications related to ramping up production, reluctance by the United States to redirect valuable manufacturing capacity to decades-old technology, and fears among defense companies that they would be stuck with unwanted arms when the Ukraine war winds down, according to interviews with U.S. officials and defense firms.

While U.S. troops themselves have limited use for the current supply of Stingers — a lightweight, self-contained weapon that can be deployed quickly to defend against helicopters, airplanes, drones and even cruise missiles — the U.S. needs to maintain its supply on hand while it develops the next generation of a “man-portable air defense system.” <Source>

Raytheon CEO warns of delays in Stinger missile production

Raytheon Technologies, the maker of the thousands of Stinger missiles sent to Ukraine amid its war with Russia, will not be able to quickly produce more of the weapons due to lack of parts and materials, the company’s CEO said Tuesday.

Raytheon won’t be able to ramp up production of Stinger anti-aircraft systems until at least 2023, as the company must “redesign some of the electronics in the missile and the seeker head,” due to some components no longer being commercially available, CEO Greg Hayes told investors during a Tuesday earnings call.

That redesign is “going to take us a little bit of time,” Hayes said.

In addition, Raytheon’s production line is only able to build a limited number of Stingers and will need a big commitment from the U.S. government to fund a sharp increase in production, factors that mean missile assembly won’t be ramped up until next year at the earliest, he predicted. <Source>

What Raytheon's CEO told stockholders...

Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes recently told a meeting of shareholders that, “Everything that‘s being shipped into Ukraine today, of course, is coming out of stockpiles, either at DOD or from our NATO allies, and that’s all great news. Eventually, we’ll have to replenish it and we will see a benefit to the business.”

Bottom line…

Obama’s dream – wealth redistribution and weakening the American military in one package.

Afghanistan II is brought to you by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and a cadre of progressive communist democrat Obamacons.

By the way, when will retired whistleblower and fraud Lt. Col.  Alexander Vindman be leading Ukraine’s defense?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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