Have American executives been so cowed and feminized by educators, the media, and their peers as to lack the fundamental courage to act in times of national emergency?

Scared executive

It's not that they are evil or stupid, but they have worked so hard to achieve their current position that they are literally afraid of losing what they have achieved.

They have become risk-averse, willing to go along to get along. Fearing the media, vocal activists, and other scared executives that could trigger a life-changing avalanche resulting in job loss and financial disaster.

They are so fearful that they have developed tunnel vision. They myopically see the lone troll in a basement projected against a green screen which makes them seem potent and powerful. And, it's all an illusion.

Unfortunately, being risk-averse, they remain quiet and agreeable rather than risk public disgrace that follows from conduct considered by some vocal individuals or organizations believes to be wrong or viciously oppressive.

Even with an abundance of "fuck you" money, they link their self-worth and value with their public persona -- unwilling to risk ill-will toward them or their family to do the right thing.

Of course, there remains the possibility that they can be scared while simultaneously being both evil and stupid.

Bottom line…

Think about how disgusted a World War II vet would be to see you squander the freedom and liberty they fought for, sacrificed, and died to preserve our exceptional nation. What they might say about those who argue about which bathroom to use or how some plan to teach sexual perversions to little children in order to make them feel better about themselves? How they might react to criminal gangs roaming their neighborhoods while politicians attempt to disarm law-abiding citizens?  Or following orders from an incompetent, mentally- deficient Commander-in-Chief?

Time to stand up and reject and the progressive communist democrat pussies while there is still time.

We are so screwed.

-- steve


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