One might think that somewhere in New York’s massive $220 billion budget, a few million dollars could be found to maintain their subway camera system.


Broken surveillance cameras…

Brooklyn Subway Station Cameras Weren't Working During Shooting

New York City Mayor Eric Adams confirmed to a local radio station that security cameras were not operating in the Brooklyn subway station where Tuesday morning's mass shooting occurred.

"The preliminary review stated that at that particular station there appeared to have been some form of malfunction with the camera system," Adams told WCBS. "That is still under investigation. We are communicating with the MTA to find out was it throughout the entire station or was it just one camera, so that's still something that we are looking into."

Ten people were shot during the morning rush hour attack in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood, according to authorities. Laura Kavanagh, the fire department's acting commissioner, said during a press briefing that 16 people in total were being treated for injuries. Several undetonated devices were found at the subway station, and a suspect was being sought in a manhunt. <Source>

It’s nothing new…

March 30, 2010, 2:50 PM PDT / Source: The Associated Press

About half the 4,313 security cameras installed along New York City's subways aren't seeing a thing — a blind spot in the crime and terrorism safety net for the nation's largest city.

"A lot of those cameras don't work, and maybe someday we're going to get very badly hurt because of it," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday.

While cameras are out of commission in the subway, the cash-strapped Metropolitan Transportation Authority has also been forced to cut police patrol shifts on major bridges and tunnels on the weekends.

The problem of missing video came to light after two men were stabbed to death on the subway — and there was no camera installed in the station to catch an image of the killer. Darnell Morel and Ricardo Williams, both 24, were killed in a fight that started around 5 a.m. Sunday at the Christopher Street station, about four miles from the World Trade Center site. <Source>

Bottom line…

It seems that until someone invents a camera blind to Blacks, Hispanics, and Democrats, cameras will remain on the back burner of the political stove.

We are so screwed.

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